The Texas legislature is saying that parents are only asking for equal custody so that they can get out of paying child-support. The Texas legislature is doing what the Texas legislature has done best since the day it became a state, discriminating against those the state disfavors. How many United States Supreme Court cases where the Texas legislature is proven to be bigoted and hateful does it take before the legislature wakes up and stops being evil?

I have news for the Texas legislature. Fathers are not beating down their doors demanding equal rights because they want to get out of paying child-support, they are beating down your doors because your evil discrimination harms their children.

Texas legislators claim fathers just want equal custody to get out of child-support but the real fact is that the Texas legislature wants discrimination so that Texas can continue to receive its $300 million dollar per year Title IV-D slush fund.

The Attorney General is especially harsh and punitive because he gets $200 million of those dollars in his budget. With that money comes power and a stepping stone to the governor’s mansion and he is more than happy to destroy the lives of children if it means he becomes governor.

So parents, when you hear one of these evil little pukes tell you that you only want equal custody to avoid paying child-support, your reply is simple:

You vote for discriminatory child custody to maintain your Title IV-D slush fund

$300 million federal dollars bought you, lock stock and barrel.

For $300 million dollars you happily vote to destroy families

You vote to violate the constitutional rights of children for money.

For $300 million dollars you subject our children to a socialist experiment

You sold your soul for a few million dollars.

Tell us again how it is for our children’s best interest that your judges
violate children’s constitutional family association rights
just so you can get money from the federal government.

As long as the legislators, judges, and attorneys can continue to beat you into submission and continue to make you believe the lie, that you have no constitutional rights in family court, they continue this gravy train. You have the right to care for your child directly and don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad for wanting to do so, for fighting to do so. They will continue to bully you and punish you for trying because they get this Title IV-D prize money for doing so.

Learn your rights and fight for them or live as their slave and beggar.

Be prepared for them to use every method they have at their disposal to try and get you to stop fighting for your rights.

Fight or forever be their paycheck.