patrick_glynn_Los Angeles 48Yesterday, Patrick Glynn, 48, of Los Angeles began his 400-mile walk from Boston Massachusetts to Washington D.C. to raise awareness to the issue that family courts are ripping children from fit and loving parents and empowering parental alienation.

Patrick appeared on the Brian Stratton radio show, “Friends with Benefits” last night where he shared his experience from his first day of the walk. He will continue to appear on radio and television along his walk involving media in the effort to create a bigger voice for parents and children that have been made invisible and are too beaten down and bankrupt to be heard and seek proper justice.

“What can be more horrible than having your child taken away?” said Patrick before he left for his trek down the east coast towards a better future for all where the family courts recognize and respect 50/50 equal parental time for children.

Patrick experienced the family courts through his own divorce (a divorce he did not want and did not initiate) where he was rendered a noncustodial parent who now only gets to see his three children six weeks out of the year. He also sees and experiences what his girlfriend goes through currently in these courts. These experiences created a calling in him to come up with solutions for better results for children. This has culminated in his fight for 50/50 equal shared parenting as well as the formation of his walk.

Patrick has learned many things along the way, and one of them was that the family courts were not a place where you can get a “peaceful” divorce but a place that creates poverty, harm, and destroys family bonds and destroys lives. (Don’t get caught off guard. Free videos here to help you understand the process and what you can expect.)

How many of you have gone through divorce only to hear all too often that you could have that if you could get along, or if you two could agree? “After all, if you cannot get along with this person during marriage, odds are that in divorce, when you’re not working as a team, things will be even worse” writes Patrick.  And Patrick learned that the attorneys will do just that. Attorneys make discord and disagreement even worse with the way they currently handle divorce. And he decided that there were several things that he was going to do differently.

“Along the way I got smart about a few things:    

 1. Allowing her mistreatment of me set a poor example to our children.   They could actually think it’s OK to walk all over someone because I was letting that happen. No more.  

 2. Nobody comes out a winner in divorce. Everybody loses – time, money, friendships, home, dignity, freedom.  

 3. Parenting becomes a competition instead of a collaboration. The kids learn that playing one parent against the other is very effective; not   something we generally want to teach our kids.  

 4. Kids love and need both a mom and dad. Keeping children hostage from one parent is not a solution, and causes lasting damage in everybody’s   lives.”  

I’m taking every step, literally, to reunite parents and their lost kids. Check out, and join me on the walk, or for part of it, or just offer me a couch for the night.”2  

What Patrick didn’t know is that he had fundamental parental rights. He didn’t know that courts don’t grant you rights they just take them. He didn’t know that he gave his consent to the courts when he left them open to decide between the two parents. He didn’t know that he had any choice but to go along with the attorneys and the court. So while Patrick thought this was done without his consent, he actually was giving it by going along to get along in the process. Patrick didn’t know us at the time. Now all of us are educating the public. We do this in our courses and materials online, and Patrick is doing this through his walk and his blog.

Patrick ends his walk at the launch of the Lost Generation rally on the Capitol steps on November 14, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. Patrick will speak along with us, Sherry Palmer and Ron B Palmer, constitutional scholars, parental rights and children’s rights experts, and authors, at this rally, immediately preceding the launch of the Divorce Corp. Reform Conference. Sherry and Ron teach parents how to keep their rights and their time and their wallet in divorce. They teach parents how protecting their rights protects them from the requirement of having to get along with the other parent, how protecting your rights prevents court-induced parental alienation™, and how your rights protect you from the State taking your rights without your consent.

Sherry and Ron B Palmer have been helping parents by educating them on how to apply their rights to the family court process in divorce and separation. They are part of the team that is sponsoring and assisting Patrick with his walk by serving as a home base for Patrick to help him resolve challenges he encounters on his walk, as well as serve as support, resources, and get the word out.

You can follow Patrick on his walk and even join him for a leg of the walk here: Route for Walk for Lost Kids Here

Together we will all raise the consciousness of the public and bring sanity back to our communities where our basic American values and morals are protected once again — keeping families intact, protecting individual dignity and freedom, and restoring trust and pride in the best country and foundation in the world.

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