Parental alienation is not junk science. Professor Ron Berglas says that the only reason that parental alienation has been able to be used by abusive parents is because the mental health professional has not properly been trained to identify parental alienation. Watch as Dr. Berglas testifies to the California Board of Behavioral Sciences to urge them to make 7-hour course of parental alienation training of all mental health professionals and to include as a listing in the DSM. Berglas claims that this is "now an accepted byproduct of high conflict divorce" and that "in fact, by refusing to take action we are facilitating the destruction of our children's right to love both parents equally without quilt." And that "unless we begin to require training of these professionals that we will be consigning children to a lifetime of trauma.""

The PASymposium2017 will be offering training with continuing education units for professionals in April. "Parental alienation is not about parents acting badly. It is about one parent acting badly."

Karen Woodall, Understanding Parental Alienation.

Joan Kloth Zanard, PAS-Intervention

Linda Gottlieb, End Parental Alienation