missouri senate logoMissouri has filed a House and a Senate Bill this year for equal parenting.

Senate Bill (SB 377) was the newest Bill to be filed. This Bill adds an equal parenting presumption to the Missouri family code. “SB 377 – Adds a rebuttable presumption that equal or approximately equal parenting time with each parent is in the best interests of the child.”

The sister Bill in the House is HB 724, sponsored by HR Kathryn Swan and co-sponsored by HR Jim Neely was filed first.

Proponents of these Bills believe that they have a good chance of succeeding with this year.

The Senate Bill has been introduced by Senator Wallingford and read intoSenator Wayne Wallingford the record for the first time on January 31, 2017, in the 99th General Assembly.

MO Wallingford Senator
Senator Wallingford with Mark Ludwig, Jeremy Roberts, and Kenneth Goins working on equal parenting bill SB 377



The fathers in the picture to the right have been working closely with the Senator and the House Representatives.


The sister bill, HB 724 was introduced by HR Kathryn Swan on January 24, 2017.

MO Kathryn Swan house rep
House Representative Kathryn Swan working on HB 724 with Jeremy Roberts, Kenneth Goins, Mark Ludwig, and Linda Reutzel.

You can follow the Senate Bill through the Missouri Legislative Hearings page. You can check on the hearings for the House Bill here.

And if you want to testify on either of the Bills, fill out this Missouri Leag candidate testifies to senategislative Witness Appearance Form.

Get in touch with Mark Ludwig and Jeremy Roberts for more information about the Bill, when to testify, and what else you can do to support the Bills.

Click on the following links, if you would like to send Senator Wallingford,

MO Jim Neely house representative
House Representative Jim Neely working on HB 724 with Kenneth Goins, Jeremy Roberts, Mark Ludwig, and Linda Reutzel.

House Representative Jim NeeHR Jim Neely Missouri 2017ly and


House Representative Kathryn HR Kathryn Swan 2017Swan a thank you note for Sponsoring these Bills.



Show all of them how much you appreciate their efforts by also looking through their other bills, and if there is something else you can support them on, do that as well.