Go here for live Recordings and Broadcasts of Floor and Committee Meetings and Hearings www.txlegis.comhouse-video-pic

Proceedings Floor proceedings of the senate and the house of representatives and on-site committee proceedings, both during the legislative session and during the interim, are broadcast live online, on cable television, and via mobile devices at www.txlegis.com.

Video and audio broadcasts of house and senate floor and committee proceedings are archived and remain accessible through each chamber’s website for several years.senate-video-pic

The house of representatives and the senate provide public access to their respective broadcasts. Audio recordings of senate floor debate and committee hearings from the last several legislative sessions are available from Senate Staff Services, and audio recordings from earlier legislative sessions, from the 62nd Legislature, 4th Called Session (1972), to the 79th Legislature (2005), are available on the Texas State Library and Archives Commission’s website.

Copies of video recordings can be requested through a senator’s office.

Audio recordings of house floor proceedings and public hearings held by house committees since 1973 are available online from House Video/Audio Services. (Click on Chamber video or Committee Video and a drop down menu will appear, you will see the archives where you can access all prior testimony on bills since 1973 there.)