Elections Create a Political Judiciary

Judicial Elections have Become Another Playground for Big Spenders. Attorney Larry DeMarco in Delaware County PA is running on an anti-corruption campaign. He says that there is corruption and collusion between judges, your legislator, attorneys, and the attorney BAR everywhere. He created a three-part video series that utilizes video clips from Divorce Corp, their Divorce Reform conference from several years ago, and a nonprofit organization’s anti-corruption resolution act to make his case. He demonstrates through these clips that attorneys and judges at all levels have become politicized and have lost their checks and balances at local, state, and national levels. He says that they have been ruling more and more along party lines and that campaign donations are behind it. Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor agrees. He proposes anti-corruption, and ethics reform for the judiciary.

How the Judiciary has become almost as partisan as the legislative and executive branches of government.

Consequences of a political judiciary

Candidate Judge Larry DeMarco’s Solution

Judge’s impartiality and un-biased neutrality matter because they affect important social issues and make important decisions that impact businesses and ultimately YOU, so if judges can be bought they will be biased and side with those who have donated heavily to their campaign. One example the video uses is banks creating a lobbyist group that pays the politician to pass favorable legislation for the banks regardless of the expense on the individuals like you.

Represent US is the nonprofit that DeMarco uses to promote his solution. Their slogan is “Country Over Party to Unrig the System.” Their proposal is for judges not to be dependent on wealthy donors. He would like for you to require that future candidates support this cause. The strategy that they use is to get the anti-corruption act passed in as many states as they can until they reach the tipping point that pushes passage through federal.

With all of the incentives right now, it begs the question, are people getting a fair trial. He says that judges have absolute discretion in divorce court. He says that anti-corruption and ethics reform is a necessity to save the integrity of our judiciary.

This begs the question from me, what integrity?

Judicial Integrity was lost to Absolute Immunity

The need to get rid of absolute immunity is not mentioned in these videos or in the anti-corruption act. I have found that absolute immunity is a shield used to protect illegal and unconstitutional acts of judges. This too should be at the top of your list. As long as judges have nothing to fear for making mistakes or just outright violating the constitution and stripping you intentionally of your children and your money. One judge as you saw in these videos kept an attorney in jail for 14 years! Judges run up bills and debt for the parents, drive them into bankruptcy with invasive and unconstitutional fishing expeditions veiled as custody evaluations, psych evaluations, and orders for court-appointed court facilitators, and attorneys called Guardian Ad Litems who get complete and total access to all of  your life and your medical records. Some parents have paid more than $20,000 for a custody evaluation and caused months if not years of delays in being heard. And then the judge does whatever he/she wants to do anyway, making this report nothing more than attorney welfare for the chosen ones of that court.

Parents have difficulty getting an attorney, even finding one, who will protect them from these violations of the judge’s oath. And once the parent has failed to preserve these errors as required by the appellate courts, the parents struggle getting the appellate court to recognize the error in the judicial process that brought them there.

The parents are blamed and told that it is their own fault that they are fighting with each other and not the court’s, and that they invited the court in to their dispute, and that their rights cancel each other out, neutralize each other. The parent is left devastated financially and emotionally and with no recourse and nowhere to go for relief. The path for relief through the appellate channels has been cut short due to their attorney’s failure to provide the legal service that would have at least allowed them to challenge this legal abuse of power, protection of fundamental parental rights. Many parents also fail to appeal because of no money or resources left. Most have difficulty recovering and some have fallen to commit suicide or turn to violent crime.

When the system leaves you hopeless and defenseless, there is no way of knowing what this does to a person who has just had the most important being in their life taken, their child taken without due process.

Candidates like Larry DeMarco with anti-corruption campaigns bring hope back to these parents.

Although even candidates like this apparently depend on party line to secure the winning vote. His three reasons to vote for him include that he is devoted advocate to the Democratic party and its values. See Key Reason number 3.

Delaware County Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden.

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