How many of your legislators incorrectly believe that equal parenting or close to it is awarded in divorce most of the time? This most recent article got me thinking.* Is partiswashington-post-trump-poll-incorrect-belief-popular-vote-18-dec-2016anship driving the decision that your legislator is making regarding equal parenting?

If they believe that equal parenting is already available they might not be very likely to believe that the problem lies within the court, and you might not get the response from them that you need to get the laws changed in your state.

Educated Republicans however were less likely to believe erroneously. Does that mean that if you educate your policymaker that they will change their vote to a YES for equal parenting, or as we would say, treating parents and children equally in divorce?

Education has long been a tool used by many industries and organizations to turn problems around. Problems with HIV in third-world countries have been fought with education. Prejudices and stereotypes have been fought through education.

In the case of all of these however laws needed to be made to protect people at the same time. Laws need to be made that protect you from the tyranny of the family courts now! Laws that reflect the Supreme Court rulings that say that you have fundamental rights to parent your child without government interference.

This means that you have the right to not be influenced by the courts as well, to not be influenced by an amicus or a GAL that the court appoints. To not be influenced by a judge having different ideas of parenting and how to raise a child. This means you have to know how to fight for these rights!

If you are going through a custody battle now or think you might face one, we encourage you to educate yourself first on what it means to treat parents and children in divorce equally. It does not mean that each parent has equal opportunity to fight for their rights. It means that you should not be required to fight for them in the first place. How many of you had to fight for your right to vote last month? If you did not have to fight for this right it was because that fight was already fought and won.

Want to know how to fight for your parental rights? Visit us at and tell us what is going on so that we can help guide you to some resources that might make your fight more productive and protect you from a lifetime of more burdens and heartache.**

*See the Washington Post article here:

**In Texas when there is a vacancy, the Governor appoints the judge in the family court.

***This is not a guarantee. We are not attorneys. Contact an attorney to find out your legal rights.