Hilary Duff’s divorce finalized on January 28, 2016, this year is a great example of equal custody co-parenting after divorce. Originally Hilary filed for primary physical custody of Luca, their son, and joint legal custody. However, thanks to the cooperation from both parents it was agreed that they would share Luca equally both physically and legally.

According to Fox News a prenuptial agreement granted Mike Comrie, Duff’s recent ex-husband, $2.4 million for his share of their family home, as well as his vehicles and jewelry. The prenup allocated individual earnings from Duff’s career, and Comrie’s previous professional hockey career to remain their own assets.

There was no spousal support nor child support or alimony, as it was agreed that both time and financial responsibility would be split equally between the two parents while raising Luca.

US Weekly reports that Duff later discusses her divorce on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Having such an amicable divorce where parents share everything equally is still so new that it sparked interviews with Duff about how they were coping. Duff states they are still a family, share pictures when the other has Luca and do their best to make things as normal as possible for Luca. She has an understanding of how important it is to remain a positive influence, and only speaks in a positive light about her ex, saying they still joke together and “keep on trucking”.

Unfortunately, this did not all occur overnight. E News reports it took over a year for an agreement to be reached and finalized. Many parents go through court battles that stretch far longer and result in parental alienation, false allegations, invasive and costly court ordered methods; most of the time which lead to removing parental rights from one or the other parent.

It should not take even a year for an agreement of equal time with the children to be reached, nor cost a fortune (who knows what Hilary paid in legal fees)! By the time we are done an agreement like this will be the norm in shorter times at little to no cost. Duff is back in the dating game online and things are reportedly still running smoothly between her and her ex Comrie. So far Comrie has not had a problem with Hilary dating. Let’s just hope that it stays that way. Otherwise she might find herself needing our materials if he decides he is no longer okay with equal parenting time with their son.

Parents nor their child should not have to worry about the other parent flipping their agreement or changing their mind. Unfortunately in today’s family courts, having your rights protected automatically is not a reality. Parents and children are subject at either parent’s whim to be dragged into the divorce court and bullied and extorted if they do not know to protect both theirs and their child’s rights.

Let’s hope we don’t see either of them file for a modification as soon as one of them finds a new love interest or has a disagreement and stops getting along.

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