I just wanted you to see the damage that false claims of sexual abuse cause, even after the person is exonerated. The charges were dropped against this pediatric dentist, but when I ran a Google search immediately after seeing the story on CBS News Channel 11, the search pulled up the claims of abuse before the story on his acquittal.

This dentist was falsely accused of sexual abuse, his practice has dropped by 70%. The first story that CBS did on this dentist commented that the dentist was continuing to treat children even though he had been accused of sexual abuse of a child. That story is the first link on this search still.

It is the 4th link in the picture above that contains the story about Allen Pearson runs Wylie Pediatric Dentistry.the dentist’ acquittal. However, even when I clicked on the 4th link, I had difficulty finding the acquittal story. I had to scroll way down on the page and look to the right and a small little picture with the story on it was there. I had to click on that one to get to the story.

But CBS makes sure that you see the false allegation story, and that you are taken straight to that story with no problem, no extra clicks. CBS should remove the stories they did that made this dentist look guilty from the search engines so that the search engines will index the story showing the dropped charges first. CBS should also dedicate a page to the exoneration story as well so that this dentist can rebuild his practice and his life without further difficulties from the careless leftovers from this tragic effect that false allegations have on a person’s life.

 “Pearson is eligible to have the prosecution records against him expunged. “That makes the records go away, but it doesn’t make people forget,” Gonzalez said. He added that people accused of such crimes who are later cleared, “spend a lifetime trying to live” down those allegations.” Gonzalez is Pearson’s attorney.

Allen Pearson runs Wylie Pediatric Dentistry.