Moms are being erased from their child’s life all over this country by family courts using divorce as one of the excuses.

This series features moms being erased from their child’s life. Why does this series focus on moms? Because, while it is less frequent that mother’s get erased from their child’s life than fathers, it is happening, and it is happening more and more frequently.

As more and more people fight for gender equality in the family courts, we fear that the “best interest of the child” mandate is going to continue to harm children regardless of the equality. Separate but not equal is not equality according to Brown v. Board of Education. Children will continue to be harmed by the family courts if we do not expose the real problem in these courts.

McCracken’s Story: A mother who goes by D Smlls McCracken on Facebook says that she is an “Erased Mum.” She states that she hasn’t seen her daughter in 11 months! There has been no contact, zero!erased-mom-d-smlls-mccracken-california-2016-w-daughter-2

How did this happen. A “Private retired commissioner in Orange County California. David S Weinberg” made an order that D Smlls McCracken says took her daughter away from her.

Interestingly, the private commissioner serving as the judge in this case, according to McCracken claimed “parental alienation” was the reason for the order. McCracken says that it was because her daughter refused to “go with her father.”

McCracken says that she was kicked out of her home of 15 years and her name was removed off of titles and deeds of homes. She says that she still does not have her belongings from the house and that now her ex husband is going after her for contempt charges because she “blogged and post”(ed) about the corruption” and because her daughter called her two months ago.

McCracken says that the father is “ruining my daughters life by alienating my daughter from me” and that he also “had my daughter go to family bridges with Dr Rand who doesn’t have a medical license.” She says that her ex-husband also sent their daughter “to a deprograming(sic) place located in Santa Barbara in a hotel.”

McCracken says that she does not know how long it will be before she gets to see her child again or what the terms will be when or if this happens. She is waiting for the court to respond to her attorney’s jury request before proceeding further with the contempt trial.

THE REAL PROBLEM: It appears that the real problem here is that parental alienation might have been mis-identified and was used to cut a child off from a fit and loving parent. Parents are frequently asked if the child is on their side and told that this makes a difference to the judge. Parents are also led to believe that they will get less parenting time and fewer rights to their child if they don’t prove that something is wrong with the other parent. This can drive many parents to do things that perhaps they might not otherwise do. Many times this is taken as parental alienation when it might actually be a case of not receiving proper guidance and protection from a judge and proper guidance according to the fundamental rights protections of the 14th amendment from their attorney.

The child is being punished for the sins of their parents. The child loves both parents and should be allowed and protected to continue to be with and love both fit and loving parents equally without interference of any court other than the least restrictive means necessary to ensure that both parents and child can exercise their equal rights and time.

BOTTOMLINE: Children are being denied the opportunity to be influenced by each of their parents equally to other children whose parents are still married. These children are being treated differently just based on the marital status of their parents.

What is the interpretation of equal protection for parents and their children going through divorce? See the Rights Motions and the book, “NOT in The Child’s Best Interest” from Ron and Sherry Palmer of Fix Family Courts.

The child is also not getting to see her brother or her erased-mom-d-smlls-mccracken-california-2016-w-daughter-w-brothergrandmother on her mom’s side either. Additionally losing the love and benefit of these interactions crucial to their full and healthy development into a dynamic and unique individual entitled to these benefits that can only come from both sides of their families.erased-mom-d-smlls-mccracken-california-2016-w-daughter-and-grandmother

These are heartbreaking stories of broken families caused by the family court system.


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Ginger Gentile of inspired this idea of running stories about parents being erased from their child’s lives. Thank you Ginger!