Judge Cooks ruled exactly as she should and how Sherry Palmer stated in a live FaceBook video where Sherry Palmer stated that she hoped that the judge was listening to and paying attention. Ron and Sherry Palmer have been teaching attorneys, parents, legislators, and judges that the constitution places limitations on the judges and provides protections for the parents and the children that the courts were ignoring and thus leaving the door open to erroneous rulings and irreparable harm to the children.

Judge Kim Cooks, of the 255th district of Dallas seemed to have paid attention. She has placed the choice of how each parent will influence the child’s gender back into the hands of the parents. Both the mother, Dr. Georgolus (a pediatrician), and the father will have to agree before James will be allowed to undergo any gender transition therapies that involve the use of medication like puberty blockers or hormone-therapy replacement (HRT)’s. Judge Cooks also stated that she wanted to make it clear that the court never ordered puberty blockers, HRT, or for any gender transition.

According to Channel 11, Allana Autler shared her video of the judge’s statement where Judge Cooks stated that “[t]he state of Texas has no compelling interest to justify such interference . . . as to enter orders requiring the father to affirm the child and honor the child’s choices.”

Judge Cooks also ruled that both parents were restored as Joint Managing Conservators (JMC) and that both parents would have Joint decision making regarding medical and psychological.

The mother is not the biological mother. James is one of two twins. He and his brother were in vitro.

Earlier in the week a Dallas jury granted Georgulas, the mother, a pediatrician, sole custody and exclusive medical decision making.

This case has taken on a life of its own.

James is entitled to receive the protection and influence from each of his parents. That still leaves the question however as to whether the mother has committed child abuse by tampering with James sexual identity from such a young age. The Judge did mention that she thought that the mother was over zealous with her gender influence. Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton, along with some other politicians and representatives chimed in this week.

There is concern that if this is found to be child abuse that other parents of children who identify as transgender could be at risk of being separated from their children.

This case has become a vehicle for the conservative agenda.  With conservative and religious talk shows claiming that this has been a case of morality, an attack on conservative values, and that the conservatives have been asleep at the wheel.

The LGBTQ community is concerned as well that this has become the poster child for the conservative agenda and that this attitude creates risk for other parents with transgender children.

These were the last free words from this father before the judge ruled and placed a gag order on him.



If you don’t know the story, Owen Shroyer interviewed James’ father where he tells you how the divorce happened, tells you that the mother started socially transitioning James at 2 years old, and the legal battle that ensued.


Court documents

Anne Georgulas disallows a second opinion, threatens father with jail.

Jeff Younger’s jury acquittal – Not Guilty. Anne Georgulas falsely accused the father, Jeff Younger, of domestic violence. Domestic-Violence-Aquittal

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Mother’s Motion to Seal the Court Records. Motion-to-Seal-Court-Records-12-5-18 Anne Georgulas tried to hide her abuse of James. Denied by the Court. 15 December 2018.


You can go to SaveJames.com until the father takes it down. Judge Cooks has ordered that he must take this website down.


Some additional videos on the case: