Child Support Webinar on Inability to Pay

Today, we launch a new webinar to help parents who are not getting help from their attorneys.

“Did you know that once every 13 seconds a person is divorced in the United States? And, did you know that divorce is the #1 reason for adult suicide? Your marriage might be over, but your life does not have to be!” ~ Amber Rogers with DIVAS

People facing child support collections feel like it is when the state creates a debt so huge that they cannot even anticipate ever being able to pay it.

These parents end up hopeless and depressed. This leads to increased risk of suicide. When a person faces going to jail and will be worse off when they get out, they give up. Is this the answer? How did they get there in the first place?

We have a brand new webinar on child support enforcement that is for attorneys, advocates, and parents . . . so that we can all solve this child support debtor’s prison epidemic.

If you or someone you know is in jail or going to jail because they could not pay child support or
If  you or someone you know is experiencing the following:

❌ child support making you broke.
❌ after child support comes out there isn’t enough for you to survive on
❌ you feel hopeless, nothing you said to the judge seemed to matter and child support got ordered in an amount you could never pay

. . . this webinar is for you!


Is your attorney telling you to accept a purge?

Or are you being told to just pay something, anything, $5 dollars a month to keep me out of trouble.

If you have tried to modify but the judge refused to change the amount, and now you are facing enforcement or contempt proceedings, you will want to get this information to your attorney right away! REGISTER HERE TODAY – First live webinar is today for MEMBERS. If you need this information right away, become a member, you can cancel the membership anytime. Otherwise you will have to wait for the FREE webinar in two weeks.

What are the top five reasons people attend this webinar?

  1. You or someone you are helping is being threatened with jail if they don’t pay, but they can’t.
    2. You or someone you are helping hasn’t been able to modify child support (couldn’t afford to or got denied).
    3. You can barely survive after you pay your child support, but cannot get the judge to change the amount.
    4. The judge was not fair and the system wasn’t fair, but didn’t have the money to fight it.
    5. Attorneys didn’t help and they made you or the person you are helping broke.

Would you like to learn new ways to address child support enforcement contempt?

Then this webinar is for you.

Would you like to understand how your rights protect you?

Then this webinar is for you.

To help you get a jump start and simplify things . . .

. . . EVERYONE that registers and attends this webinar all the way through will receive a copy of the NEW Child Support Motion for Inability to Pay for FREE in your e-mail after the webinar ends. (You must attend all the way through to get this motion* for FREE.) After you register you will receive one of the cases that we are going to discuss so you can read it in advance.

If you are a MEMBER you can attend the webinar today. If you are not . . .

You can reserve your spot for the next webinar here. Block off an hour and a half on your calendar so you can stay for the goodies.

Find out what protects you and what does not! You can go straight here to register and hold your seat TODAY BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT. (Space is limited.)

*Nothing we provide is file ready. These are examples of how you might want to consider using the argument in a motion. We are not attorneys, do not practice law, and are not a substitute for an attorney.Who else is this webinar for?
It’s for you if this sounds like YOU . . .

❌you are an attorney, activist, or advocate and want something better help parents with this issue
❌contemplating filing bankruptcy
❌on the brink of losing your home and your car
❌sleeping on a friend’s couch or moved back in with your parents
❌missing your children because they are being withheld by the ex because you owe child support
❌you have contemplated hurting yourself because of this injustice* (Please call a suicide hotline immediately if you currently feel this way.)

Child support keeps a lot of people up at night worrying about losing their license, job, car, their life.

It kept us up too, until we finally cracked the code. ✔
There is something you can do.
Even when it seems like it’s hopeless, it’s not, the information that we are going to share with you is going to help you. It will show you that the supreme court is on your side, even if the divorce court is not. It is a vicious cycle, it’s true, and this won’t be easy. It is a way to stop digging yourself deeper and deeper into a hole. Now you can figure out what you need to do next.

We have something for you . . .

We know you need relief now, so we have put together a special package for you. All you have to do is SHOW UP. As soon as you say, YES we’ll hold a seat for you, you will qualify to get this free gift in addition to the motion at the end of the webinar. We want you to succeed. The catch is you have to ATTEND the webinar all the way to the END to find out what it is and to get it. So make sure you clear an hour and a half of time on your calendar, and CLICK HERE to let us know that YOU WILL ATTEND AND WANT US TO PREPARE YOUR PACKAGE. You will find out what your package includes at the webinar.

FACTS . . .

Did you know that the amount you pay in child support has nothing to do with how much it actually costs to raise a child? If you live in New York you might pay 17% for one child and up to 35% for five children or more; but in Texas you will pay 20% for one and up to 40% for six or more. This is nothing more than a socialist income redistribution plan.

Child support creates a debt that you can be jailed for even though debtor’s prisons are illegal!

And, that’s not all! . . . you could be ordered to pay for half of your child’s extracurricular activities, daycare, and medical expenses not covered by insurance in addition to the child support. And they do not tell you that those expenses and costs are not factored or included in that 20%, 35% or 40% child support calculation!

Parents have ended their lives and their children’s lives over the despair and hopelessness that they just couldn’t see any way out of the mountains of debt the court created for them. And don’t you even think about that though, you are here and that means that you have tools and ways to fight back.

This information can relieve some of your stress and anxiety?
Knowing that you have something to argue, being prepared, and knowing what to expect, all help to lower anxiety and stress. Having some pre-formed arguments and some training on how to apply those arguments, and then some courage to face the court wielding its state power against you for doing nothing other than splitting from your ex, or getting left behind by the ex when they left you is extremely empowering.*****

Your ex gets help why shouldn’t you? Your ex has the Attorney General behind them whether directly or indirectly, so if your ex runs out of money, no big deal for them. They really don’t have to do anything. When you walk into one of these enforcement hearings you will immediately feel attacked, the judge will grill you and try to squeeze every penny out of you regardless of whether his demands are reasonable or not!

⚖ Exactly, the opposite of what should happen! They should make sure that you have all of the protections and are heard on all of your defenses, not just the ones they list in their statutes. (Oh yeah, we know they will say they can do it this way. Pffffttt. Wait until you start learning the truth and then can put it right back at them. Yep, we will teach you how to argue this too. Teach you how to spot areas that need your attention and areas that are just tactical distractions.*)

Come to this webinar and let us teach you some additional strategies on how to protect yourself.

How do you get protection?
Well, that’s what this webinar is for, to teach you what we have discovered about what you are not getting and what you should be getting, and how to get it.

Attorneys just aren’t stepping up, so you are going to have to, so you can either teach your attorney, or argue it yourself if you have to.****

Even if you didn’t know to object or what to argue when the child support order was originally established, this NEW CHILD SUPPORT MOTION is for someone just like YOU who was not informed and now is in a pickle.

While you cannot attack the original order you can attack their attempt to put you in jail for violating that order.

If you are fortunate enough to find an attorney, they are not going to make these arguments. They should have done it long ago and they have not. They are not going to make these proper arguments until parents demand that they do so. Some simply don’t understand. Others simply don’t care. They make too much money off of the corrupt system.

But Hold on a Minute, you have a simple way to manage your attorney now. This is a Brand New Motion! These are arguments you use in an enforcement, and there’s even some of it that could apply to modification hearing. (Of course, ultimately, you and your attorney will decide what is right and best for your case and situation. But before you decide, we made a webinar to help you get more information so you can make an informed choice, and so you have all the information about your rights and how they work, and we’ll even tell you what some of the appellate courts have had to say about these arguments.)***

Did you know that the amount being garnished from your paycheck for child support might be violating federal law?
Do you know what parts of this child support scheme violates your constitutional rights?
Do you know how to argue persuasively in the trial court and appeal?
Do you know how to find caselaw?
Do you know how to apply it and be effective?

What else will you get?
We simplified how to argue* so you can focus on managing your attorney and stay in control of your case.
You will learn what kind of violations happen in the courts and how the constitution helps you protect yourself against them,
How to argue better
What you can expect
What to avoid,
Where to get more resources,
And we will even give you some tips on how to organize your case.
There will be Q&A at the end of the webinar.

Too many noncustodial and non-primary residential mothers and fathers are being separated from their children without good reason. The state gets paid to behave this way. When the state orders child support the state can get paid from the federal government authorized in Title IV-D section of the Social Security Act.

If you are one of these parents or you help parents like this, then this WEBINAR is a must ATTEND for you!.


Even if you think you know these cases and how to use them, we encourage you to come still. We all have biases that we don’t even realize. Years and decades of conditioning. We have spent many years overcoming biases we didn’t know we had either. Those biases could sabotage your SUCCESS. We hope to see you in the webinar, and if you do have something we didn’t present, we would love to hear from you.

While you wait for the webinar to start check out Ron’s podcast here.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR, you will get the date of your webinar when you register.

You don’t want to miss the webinar. It is going to walk you through the CHILD SUPPORT process like you have never experienced before. We have an attorney lecturing with us as well, so that you get both sides of the spectrum. You will understand some of the child support process. You will avoid the shock factor and understand how to make your defensive arguments stronger.*

Don’t be a victim anymore. Don’t let your friends and others you love be used or victimized anymore either. Use this webinar as additional possible argument when going through CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT OR CONTEMPT HEARINGS.* This information by no means is legal advise and is not everything you will need.


*****We cannot guarantee any particular results and you need to make sure that this information is applicable to your situation. The judge can do anything. The judge can still throw you in jail no matter what you argue. The purpose of giving you this information is because you are not being told about these rights and not given an opportunity to protect yourself with everything available.

****(Bear in mind that child support enforcement is not something to mess around with, you cannot wing it, if you are having to do this on your own without an attorney, we cannot be responsible for what you know or don’t. We are not attorneys either.) At the very least get an attorney to help you get the proper type of motions filed, run your argument by them to get feedback, so that you know what to expect and can be more prepared.

***While these arguments are specifically created and crafted by us and they are our words, the ideas themselves are from the interpretations of the appellate courts. And we gave it our best analysis and balancing with the rights at issue to come up with a very powerful argument to give you leverage to fight the corruption and unconstitutional practices.

**(Note: Pleadings and motions may have variations from area to area. These courses are meant to help you understand the process in general terms and not be specific to your individual case. Seek an attorney for legal advice in your case. We do not practice law, and we are not attorneys. We are sharing information that normally is not readily or easily accessible or even made available to most people before, during, and after child support hearings or enforcement.)

All of our materials are designed to fundamentally change the system and will ultimately be taught in law school textbooks. We don’t want to be in this business long term. We want to be unnecessary.

*DISCLAIMER: Nobody in these webinars, courses, or talk shows are practicing law and nothing in them creates any kind of attorney-client relationship or warrants any guaranteed results. You are encouraged to ask an attorney about your rights. We do not practice law and are not a substitute for an attorney.

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