Child Support Enforcement and your Ability to Pay

Today, I read yet another sad post from a father who lost a contempt hearing on inability to pay child-support because he didn’t challenge the judge’s actions properly. Judges have been so bad about failing to properly perform ability to pay hearings that the American Bar Association (ABA) just published a formal order educating judges on just what is required of them in these ability-to-pay hearings.

The ABA raised many of the issues our Ability-to-Pay Motion raises and now our Motion references the ABA order and provides it as an attachment to the motion you receive so that you can file it attached to your order.

Please, I am begging you. Don’t go into these enforcement hearings blind. Purchase our Ability-to-Pay Defense Motion. It is intentionally the cheapest motion we sell, by far. We wrote this motion to help you, to save you from financial devastation and even jail.

This Motion in Defense of Enforcement: Child-Support is simple and easy for you to read and understand. It properly cites Supreme Court precedent which demands that courts either provide you with an attorney or provide you with clear alternative procedures that satisfy due process. Did you receive clear alternative procedures? Were you given an attorney? If not then your rights have been violated and there are things you can do about it.

If the State Attorney General’s office sues you for unpaid child-support then the Supreme Court says the state MUST provide you with an attorney. Were you provided an attorney in your last contempt hearing? You have every right to demand an attorney at the state’s expense if the state uses an attorney to sue you. Your contempt orders can be overturned if they do not meet the standards the Supreme Court set in Turner.

Please, get this motion and learn how it can be used to help keep you out of jail. I am so very tired of seeing good loving fathers go to jail because a judge is violating their rights.

If you have been so financially damaged that you can’t even afford the tiny cost of this motion then please contact us at Fix Family Courts and very briefly tell us what you are facing and ask for a free copy of this Motion in Defense of Enforcement: Child-Support.

I don’t want to see any more parents financially devastated, kept from their children, or jailed because of this corrupt family law system we have today. All I can do is to hand you the answer. It is up to you to use it or be unjustly imprisoned. I know it feels hopeless but this is something you can fight and something you can beat if you will just use the right tools.