Dad goes viral for ‘breastfeeding’ while Mom recovered from C-section

The mother of this child had two seizures and was suffering from pre-eclampsia right after her water broke. She was not able to have immediate skin-to-skin contact with the child, so the nursing staff offered the father the opportunity to breastfeed using a suction cup nipple and a tube containing formula from a syringe.



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Due to complications during @aprillynn416 emergency c-section. This super rad nurse made a epically killer offer, and I was fortunate enough to slap on a suction cup fake nipple. Being the first to breast feed da baby!!!! “I did it for the moms” Eat your heart out!! ☺️??? #ididitforthemoms #breastfeeding #breast #mrmom #dadlife #fakenipple #babygirl #emergencycsection #steppingup #steppingupmygame #breastfeed #breastfedbaby #breastfeedingmama #whosyourdaddy #doorcounty #doorcountymedicalcenter #eatyourheartout #latinabeauty #realmomsbreastfeed #radnurse #radnurses #suctioncup

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  I have the most amazing husband ever!! Unfortunately I had 2 seizures and had to do an emergency C-Section. So I was completely out of it when Rosalia was born and didn’t get to do the immediate skin on skin like I had planned. But leave it up to Daddy to step in! He has been absolutely awesome and amazing. Since I wasn’t able to breastfeed right away due to recovering from my seizures and c-section, papi was given the opportunity to breastfeed himself! Nurses hooked him up with a suction cup nipple and there she went ? I’m so thankful for my husband and couldn’t have picked a better man to start this wonderful family with ♥️ #daddy #dad #dilf #papi #parent #parenting #parenthood #dadlife #hubby #husband #bestfriend #lover #baby #babygirl #rosalia #daddysgirl #daddydaughter #daddydaughtertime #papi #breastfeeding #fakenipple #mrmom #hesamazing #myheart #myloves #daughter #world_best_dad @carbon_arc_kid_madmax A post shared by April Neubauer (@aprillynn416) on




Fathers Give up Time with their Baby During Breastfeeding Years

Fathers complain that family courts are still bias towards women during the breastfeeding years. Mothers complain to the court that because they are breastfeeding the father should not have overnights. Some mothers would pump their breast milk so that the father could feed the baby from a bottle during their time with the baby. But the mothers worried that this bottle feeding time would risk the baby refusing to nurse from the breast after a while. And some baby’s will reject a bottle nipple when they are being breastfed. Because of this some fathers were also voluntarily foregoing their overnights based on what they felt was best for their child at that time, but not with the intention of forfeiting their equal time later down the road. However, many fathers have had difficulty getting equal time with their child after the breastfeeding years have past with the mother’s agreement, or from the courts, after they set this precedent with mom having the bulk of the time raising the child.

Used to be that father’s didn’t even qualify to have their child for overnights during the breastfeeding years. Since the Tender Years Doctrine has been debunked, fathers still get challenged when they want their child equal time and the child is breastfed, as well many states still treat children under 3 different in their parenting plan statutes than older children.

So perhaps this is an alternative solution for fathers now when faced with this dilemma. Although Nurse Dennehy did tell Motherly that Maxamillian was the first father to accept this offer. She said all of the other fathers did not want to breastfeed and told her to pass it on.

Separated dads, we know you want to do what is best for your child when your baby is nursing. When you understand your rights and the laws in your state place you at a disadvantage for doing what you feel is right, you will understand how to make those agreements with the protection of your rights. Remember, your rights protect your child.
When the laws discourage parents from making the decisions they feel is best, the laws are harmful and need to be changed. The coming of your baby however, does not wait on change in the laws, so you need to know what you can do now to protect your baby from losing you now. While its always good to know all of your options for solving disagreements between parents, it is also imperative that parents learn their rights so that any temporary agreements that are made do not interfere with an ability to restore your time with your child later. Making the decision to have fewer overnights or none while your child is nursing should not be a barrier to you exercising that equal time when you decide. We offer education in a membership site where you can learn how to make the best parenting plan decisions for you while still maintaining that protection your rights intend for you and your child. We encourage all parents to become a member so that you have an advocate at your fingertips as well as somewhere to bounce your ideas and receive additional information that could help you with ideas about ways to better preserve your rights and reduce or eliminate the need for court conflict later down the road.
DISCLAIMER: We are not attorneys, do not practice law, are not a substitute for an attorney. Check with an attorney before you do anything in your legal case and before you make final decisions in any situation where you are affecting your legal rights.