broken-system-broken-heart-book-cover-monica-szymonikMonica Szymonik’s new book Broken System, Broken Heart: The Soup to Nuts Guide to Protecting Your Health in the Aftermath of a Custody Battle transforms parents broken by the family courts into healthy, productive, functioning individuals.

This book truly moved me, not just because of the depth of Monica’s story, but how she related so intuitively to the reader. This book focuses on you, and becomes a telling of your own story as you read about the emotional and physical effects that divorce has on parents and their relationship with their children. Regardless of the quantity of time that the courts have predetermined for you and your child, she focuses on how to keep a positive relationship with your child through quality. This book can help you put yourself back together and pull yourself out of that black hole you’ve been thrown into by the shock you have suffered from the family courts injustice ripping your child from you. This book is all that and much more…

Monica had her own son torn from her life when he was only 3 and a half years old, after simply asking for an equal custody time order. She suffered alone in three years of silence, and then she got involved in advocacy and activism work. She realized that the family courts were sucking not just her but many other parents and children into a vortex that the family courts have made virtually impossible to escape. She found that it didn’t matter how many hoops you jumped through the courts would just keep moving the posts and nobody in the court system had any intention of ever putting her and her son back together. Once she discovered this, she developed a system that she reveals in this book so that parents can create what she calls their “new normal” so that they and their relationship with their child could flourish regardless of what the family courts do.

Monica Szymonik is trained in holistic health and has been working with women who suffer from abdominal problems for several years. Monica has a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences from UCONN, is a Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is a Certified Reflexologist, is an Acusage Academy Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, a certified practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® with advanced training in Holistic Nutrition and Placenta Medicine, Author, Advocate, and Activist. She is known for nurturing women in reclaiming their role in motherhood by assisting them with emotional and physical healing, starting with the womb.

Monica has been specializing in marital and child custody transitions. To compliment her passion in restoring the integrity of a mother’s sacred role in the world, Monica became one of the core founders of a growing civil rights movement in Connecticut, and has been specializing in marital and child custody transitions. She met her equally passionate activist husband in 2014.

Monica has also found her voice in writing, and recently became an author of the self-help book, “Broken System, Broken Heart”, to nurture parents through their difficult journey of “unintended non-custodians.”

This is an extraordinary book that transforms a parents pain and suffering from family court corruption into a shield of hope and personal powbroken-system-broken-heart-book-cover-monica-szymoniker. This is not just another book but a shared journey of the process a parent endures, to survive the emotional and physical impact, that family courts have on families and how they can come out on the other side. Although her personal story is a parents worst nightmare, she addresses the importance of learning how to emotionally, physically, and spiritually move forward again and learn about advocacy and building community to change the injustice, your rights to protect yourself from future harm, and personal wellbeing to focus more back on what’s most important – your child. She includes easy steps, tips and even meal plans that anyone can follow, catering to the parents who need a launching board of where to begin during difficult times. An enlightening and uplifting read that empathizes with any parent’s experiences, by expressing her most raw and unfiltered thoughts, grooming parents to be able to move forward from the pain and utilize it into advocacy and activism.

We highly recommend this book for everyone. And as Monica writes, “read it every year, read it twice a year.” Your soul will be more peaceful for it and your relationships will benefit from it.

This book can help make you stronger so that you can fight for your constitutional rights. This book can help you help others too!

To purchase Monica’s book go to her website: Groundwork To Health



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