So many people are suffering from being forced into more family studies/home studies, more therapy, and more attorney bills and have no idea how to make it end…don’t let this happen to you!
So many people are suffering from being broke because you fought to be with your child…don’t let this happen to you or someone you love!

So many people are suffering from fear and anxiety because they are facing jail because they are behind in paying child support, alimony, etc…

So many people are suffering because every time they fight back they lose more and are beat down further…

They didn’t know there were different choices they could make. They trusted attorneys that continue the same patterns and the same fight over and over again that gets these same results.

It’s your divorce and your life, right. You decided that you don’t want to be under the control of the other parent any longer. And then you got divorced…and now nothing is what it was supposed to be!

Did you know that “elephants are conditioned to believe that they can’t move about freely when they are tied by the right rear leg. From the moment this conditioning takes hold, you can tie a string and they won’t move. The elephants at the circus didn’t roam about because they believed they couldn’t. The tethers in their minds were stronger than any chain or rope.”

Family courts are doing this to parents! They make you believe that there is nothing you can do.

Did you believe that the attorneys, therapists, and courts get to tell you what to do after you get divorced?

Did you believe that they had a right to force you into family studies and psych evals?

Did you believe that one parent was supposed to be appointed as the primary when the two parents couldn’t agree?

Did you believe that if a statute says that the State can do it that this Statute is the final word?

Did you believe that it was more expensive to appeal than to just do what they say?

Did you believe that you had no choices?

Did you believe that being told no by the courts or your attorney meant that you shouldn’t challenge that “no?”

Did you believe that divorce triggered all of this authority?

Did you believe that the family courts did not have to follow Supreme Court opinions?

Did you believe that you were hurting your child by fighting the family courts, the attorneys, and your ex from taking over your rights to your child?

Did you believe that fighting for your rights was not thinking about the best interest of your child?

Did you believe that the court gets to decide best interest of your child?

Until you challenge these beliefs your life won’t be what you want it to be! Are you scared, paralyzed, feel like you are just standing there with a chain around your neck, not realizing that you are strong enough to break free? Join us in the last “Turn Your Divorce Around” webinar. Watch this webinar and change your outcomes.

If you let them tighten that noose they will!

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Break free of those ropes. Find out what you can do to fight back.

This webinar will take you through the cycle that traps you in divorce and how to break that cycle, what it takes to break free and unveils choices you didn’t know you had. Your life can change and you can break free from the fear and anxiety holding you back.

Whether you are in the middle of a fight now or just want to know what you can do if you face these threats. Watch the webinar right here on this page now to find out the #1 most powerful way to break free!



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