Did your own attorney convince you to just go along with them to get along? Just agree to see a psychologist or therapist? And, that after you prove to the therapist that you don’t have any mental illness and that you are the better parent, she could then prove to the other attorney and the court that they were wrong? Then what? Did you think they were just going to give your child back to you? What happens if this gets so expensive you cannot afford to do what they want? This is what one parent we work with is going through today. The child has been separated from this parent for a year and there is no end in sight. And now that the parent is running out of money the chances of getting the child back into this parent’s life grow slimmer if she were to keep doing things their way.

This is an underhanded sneaky and common tactic used by courts and attorneys all over the United States to undermine one parent’s relationship with their child. These are tactics used by the other parent to take the child away from you without having to prove you unfit or a danger to your child. They get away with this because you don’t realize what they are doing, they have you in panic mode, and you don’t know any other way to fight back other than to get an attorney and trust that the attorney will protect you from these attacks and loss. They do this under the radar without following the constitution because you and your attorney allow them to do that.

And you thought you were done fighting when you got final orders and had custody of your child. Then the other parent took you back to court for child custody modification and made false claims to the court. And the fight takes place like you never had any orders in the first place. How can this happen? You never learned how to fight in the first place. You never knew what to fight for, the first time you got final orders. You probably let the attorneys convince you that one of you should be the winner and the other one the loser. Were you and the other parent fighting for the same thing the first time to be primary and to deprive the other parent of their equal time with the child? Did the attorneys convince you both that you both wanted the same thing and that because you both wanted the same thing that the judge had to pick a winner and a loser? Do you see how they framed the conflict to fit into their box where they can run you through their expensive machine to try and prove one parent is better than the other? Do you see how they changed the conflict from both of you having equal rights and equal time with each child to one of you is going to be “granted” the majority of the time with the children and the other a “visitor” or a “noncustodial parent?” That’s where the conflict is—that the attorneys make both of you want to deprive the other parent. Therefore, the states put legislation in place to instruct the courts how to rule in these matters when parents present the conflict to the courts in this way. They established rules around this for the court. They established rules for the fight that you bring to them.

The State is taking advantage of the conflict in divorce to give itself power that it doesn’t legitimately have

This is just one of the topics that we will speak about at our meetings. In order to learn how to see this differently so you cannot be taken advantage of again in this way you will need to have proper understanding. If you didn’t like the result of walking into these conflicts blind, join our Google or Yahoo groups  and attend our next speaking event. Learn how to stop the custody war and protect your children.