Did you know that as soon as your son signs the Attorney General’s paternity acknowledgment form he subjects himself to being jailed for a felony.

Attorney General, Ken Paxton, in Texas is indoctrinating children into the child support program in their high school health classes through a “Parenting and Paternity Awareness (P.A.P.A.) program”. Failure to pay child support is a “state jail felony”. And as soon as your son signs a paternity form he is subject to this felony for nonpayment of support. This program was put in place as a mandatory program, content created by the AG, and is taught in your child’s health class.

This program was statutorily mandated in 2008 under HB 2176. This statute gives the AG the power to teach children about their parental rights and child support. It is required that your children watch these videos and participate in this program in the state of Texas. This law was passed under former Attorney General Greg Abbott and went into effect in 2008. 

The AG is propagandizing children into relinquishing their rights and paying child support through his state run system so he can get federal kickbacks through Title IV-D. He is taking advantage of our children for money. He is clearly not educating the children on their rights as the statute tells him to do. (Watch the indoctrination here.) (AG talks about how much his staff relies on child support here.)

The AG’s office is using high school children to convince other children to trust and believe the Attorney General’s office is there to protect them and their children’s rights, teaching gender biases regarding child support and domestic violence. This program teaches teenagers that mothers are primary and fathers pay child support. This theme permeates this program throughout. Mothers are responsible and fathers need to be taught to perform their fatherly duty. Mothers are victims of domestic violence and that men are the perpetrators.

This video series teaches men that it is good for them to voluntarily submit to the child support program, and necessary in order for their child to qualify for inheritances, social security benefits, and other benefits. And it fails to educate them that they have a right as a parent to care, custody, and control of the child.

I found only one mention where the entire video series says that either a mother or a father could receive child support. The video series makes it clear however that it is expected for the mother to receive support and the father to be the visiting parent. And makes them think that being a visiting parent is normal and acceptable, when it is in fact a deprivation of constitutional rights.

The videos fail to mention even those rights that the Texas Family Code establishes by statute that apply equally to both male and female parents. So the Attorney General does not even teach your children their state constitutional rights let alone even mention federal constitutional rights. The AG does not even teach your children the rights that the Texas Family Code commits to writing in 151.001. Apparently the AG found it important only to follow the part of the statute that told him to educate about child support and completely ignored the part of the statute that told him to educate children on their parental rights. I wonder if this is because two-thirds of his entire budget and 62% of his office staff is dedicated to child support.

The “Who’s your Daddy” video alludes to the automatic assumption that father’s do not have equal custody and that father’s are visitors (shows father playing with child as opposed to tucking child in at night or walking child to school). The rights the AG is teaching children is that they get a “free paternity test when they open a case through the Office of the Attorney General” and fail to mention that the paternity test could result in them going to jail. The AG’s office receives incentive funding for establishing paternity from the federal government through Title IV-D social security program. They of course do not tell these young parents this. 

The video called “College Credit” supposedly covers what happens when you don’t pay child support, jail is never mentioned.

In the “Parents Who Don’t Pay” video children are taught that going on to formal child support through the Attorney General protects the father from the mother “going back on” him and protects the mother by ensuring that she receives the money. But there is no protection or orders for parenting time every mentioned. This video is teaching our children to be dependent on the government and government programs which is contrary to the overwhelming values of Texans.

“Parenting as a Team” video has women portrayed as the primary parent and presumption that the father’s need to prove they are a “dad role.” Making automatic assumption that the female is responsible and no mention of equal time or responsibility under the law here at all.

The “Teen Dating Violence” video shows all males as the perpetrators of violence when we know the facts are otherwise. The AG is orchestrating through this program a comprehensive attack on men and young boys’ rights. No wonder men have failed to move the needle regarding number of fathers who are custodial parents. When the AG is stacking the deck against fathers in the minds of our impressionable young men.

The p.a.p.a. program was reviewed and endorsed by the Texas PTA and all statewide teacher organizations.

They state that “Four out of five children will grow up to be parents someday. p.a.p.a.is a reinforcement tool for parents to use in conveying important life lessons to their children.” And apparently the life lesson the AG wants to convey is that men are deadbeats and have to be forced to take care of their children, and that mothers are perfect and always responsible, and that parents need the state government to control their money and how they support their own children.

Here is some of what the OAG explains about the p.a.p.a. curriculum,

What Is a Parent?

Session 1 provides an overview of the curriculum. It explains what the OAG Child Support Division does to enforce laws that require parents to support their children. Students learn the definition of custodial and noncustodial parent, discuss the concept of parents as caregivers and are asked to remember what it was like to be a small child.”  

What the AG has done here is program your children to think of themselves in terms of a “custodial” or “noncustodial” parent, rather than equals. When they use these words, “caregivers,” “custodial,” “noncustodial,” they dilute the nature of parenthood, getting away from our traditional notions of parent-child relationships and moving us towards a world where the government has complete control of our children.

The AG’s office has no qualms about admitting that this program is about child support on his FAQ page for parents about the program. He says this:

Since the Attorney General’s Office wrote this, it’s bound to be about child support stuff, right?

Frankly, our ultimate goal would be that parents stay together so that we don’t have to collect child support!But yes, the legal information about paternity and child support establishment and enforcement is part of the curriculum.And we also show you how to budget and figure out the real costs of raising a child.”

In fact, when I save the curriculum from the Attorney General website, it saves on my computer titled as “Child Support” curriculum even though this is supposedly the p.a.p.a. program about other parenting rights. 

Does Signing the Paternity Form with the AG Waive Any Rights?

Did you know that if your son walks into the AG’s office to establish paternity that he may also be given a form to sign for a standard possession order? This designates the father as a noncustodial visitor in his child’s life.

Representative Pena states that men who go to the Attorney General’s office are given a form to sign that establishes a standard possession order for possession time with their child.

Aside from the fact that these kind of policies convey that parents who did not marry or who split up will be punished in the form of having their financial resources seized by a government agency without any adjudication regardless of whether or not they care for their children directly without the need of government assistance or coercion.

The state has clearly created a child support scheme designed to maximize funds received from the federal government at the expense of parental rights and the child’s rights. This propaganda scheme masquerading as an educational tool is designed to turn our children into docile slaves who do not know their rights and do not question the Attorney General’s authority to take their hard-earned money and their constitutional rights.

What is on the Paternity Form?

The following form is the backside of the Acknowledgment of Paternity form that your son is given to establish that he is the biological father of his child. Women are automatically the mothers because the hospital knows who birthed the child. For fathers it’s not as easy. This form shows that the father is required to sign the form or else his name cannot be put on the birth certificate and he will not have access rights to the child without this.“Establishment of paternity is required for a father’s name to be entered on a birth certificate.”

aop form w highlight

This form under the guise of the claims that it protects the child’s rights and benefits and father’s “Benefits, Rights and Responsibilities of Paternity,” actually is a signing away of his rights and agreeing to be charged child support without ever having been proven to abandon his responsibility of caring for his child directly. The father was never given the option to care for his child directly and equally. The father is conditioned to believe that he will be presumed to be the “visiting” parent since that is the parent the child does not live with. Thus also conditioning these young parents to view parental rights as a custodial and non-custodial parent.

Not Knowing Your Rights Could Cost Your Freedom.

If all of our children are forced into routinized processes like this and continue to be taught by this program, fathers may never know that he had the right to care for his child directly and equally and mothers may continue to feel that their mothering rights are superior to the father’s rights

Just recently, I had a father tell me that he didn’t think that he could fight for his parental rights anymore because he was told when he went to an attorney to get a modification, after learning that he had rights to have his children more, that he had signed his rights away when he signed the Acknowledgment of Paternity form.

The reason the father above might have been told that he had signed his rights away is because it appears that the Texas statutes do it for him. As soon as he signed that AOP form he became subject to being jailed for a felony if he “fails to provide support”. According to statute, once paternity is established the father is responsible to support the child and that even “uncorroborated” complaints about nonsupport could lead to a state jail felony.

Sec. 25.05. CRIMINAL NONSUPPORT. (a) An individual commits an offense if the individual intentionally or knowingly fails to provide support for the individual’s child younger than 18 years of age, or for the individual’s child who is the subject of a court order requiring the individual to support the child.

(b) For purposes of this section, “child” includes a child born out of wedlock whose paternity has either been acknowledged by the actor or has been established in a civil suit under the Family Code or the law of another state.

(c) Under this section, a conviction may be had on the uncorroborated testimony of a party to the offense.

(d) It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under this section that the actor could not provide support for the actor’s child.

(e) The pendency of a prosecution under this section does not affect the power of a court to enter an order for child support under the Family Code.

(f) An offense under this section is a state jail felony.

Fathers are Entitled to Equal Parenting Time.

No wonder men don’t know they are entitled to equal parenting time with their child and the right to support their child directly. They are pretty much signing that right away as soon as their child is born.

If it is left up to government run programs like this, Men in the next generation, might not fight back like Brad Pitt fought Angelina Jolie from paying her child support. If men are indoctrinated to believe that paying child support and having less time and rights to their child is what is good and natural, they are less likely to question this.

The paternity document only gives them two scenarios, 1) “Either parent has the right to seek primary custody of the child.” or 2) visitation ; “A parent not living with the child may have the right to visit and maintain a relationship with the child, either as both parents agree or as ordered by a court.”

There is no mention of the many parental rights established through federal and state constitutions and federal and state laws. For instance no mention of fundamental parental rights to the care, custody, and control of the child equally, and your right to protection of these rights properly by a government entity.

If you went through their program as a teenager or a young adult in high school, you might not even question this routinized process. That’s what they are hoping anyway. That would keep their gravy train going and cut down on how many cases they have to file in court. This would reach their goal of reducing case filings and dockets being filled up.

The indoctrination given to our high school students through these videos is that they should trust the AG and sign these forms without bothering to talk to an attorney. It’s clear, the AG’s office only put the statement in this document that the parent signing the document can have an attorney go over the document with them, to cover themselves, not to protect these children and young adults. Why would any of these young boys even think to question the document or the AG’s intention in the first place when they were taught that the AG is trustworthy and looking out for them and their child? They wouldn’t necessarily.

And this has cost many fathers their relationships with their children and some their freedom as well as their future.


On “Outnumbered” yesterday, Febrary 23, 2017, Meghan McCain said a video NBC news made, made her “wildly uncomfortable,” because she hates seeing children being used for propaganda.

“This is despicable,” she said. “It’s a really gross political trick. And it’s really dirty and it’s really low-brow.””

Propagandizing is something that Governor Greg Abbott should not allow into our schools. propagandize definition

Governor Greg Abbott was a former Texas Supreme Court judge and is currently the Texas Governor. Fox news ran a story yesterday about Democratic Mayors looking for loopholes in the anticipated to pass Bill on Sanctuary Cities that Governor Abbott says he is going to sign. This bill would de-fund any city that attempts to protect illegal immigrants making public officials subject to prosecution for “sanctuary policies.”

Additional information:

The following is a list of the p.a.p.a. videos you can find on the AG’s site.


A reporter in Michigan, Kim Russell with WXYZ, did a story on men being put in jail for nonsupport of children that were not even the fathers of the children, “Dads by Default“.

 *The original post was published at The National Family Law Policy Center here.