Attorney Admits the Family Law Process Does not Allow Them to Protect Parental Rights

Attorney admits that they are not allowed to help parents protect their rights. Parents all over the United States are complaining to us that they cannot get attorneys to tell the judges that they have parental rights. They spend thousands of dollars only to be told that their attorney will not tell the judge that they have rights and they want those rights protected.

Attorney Connie Reguli says that attorneys who want to help families, who want to save families, who want to minimize the impact of divorce are unable to do so because the process has a silencing effect. She says that it is a “crime of her profession”. Connie is committed to reforming the system and for judicial accountability. Connie Reguli is a family law attorney in middle Tennessee.

Did you know that the divorce, family courts, actually use divorce to gain material benefit for the state? They make you believe that you are paying an attorney to protect your hard-earned assets only to use them all up in the process and leave you bankrupt, miserable, and many parents alienated from their children. If you do not know what parental alienation is or state quotas you will know what these are before the divorce process is over.

Connie calls child support a fraudulent court practice driven by Title IV D, she says that Title IV E has led to the State stealing children to meet foster care quotas using children to fund the states, and parents and children in the family courts are being stripped of their constitutional rights in unconstitutional family court practices.

“Attorneys who want to help families, who want to save families are unable to do so.”

Some of what Connie has encountered, child support amounts being ordered and set on presumptive incomes, not even actual incomes. And the child support scheme created by Title IV D being based on a single study put together in 1968. Connie says “things have changed since 1968. We are not living the same place today as we were then.” She says that “Title IV D funding is the most atrocious thing I have ever seen.”

Connie also mentions Title IV E and says that she had no idea until looking into it that Title IV E is an unlimited funded system, and that “The children became the commodity of the child welfare industry.” Understanding this explains a lot of how the state behaviors are driven to meet quotas in order to receive this funding.

If you want to find out whether your state is using children to meet quotas, you can find these statistics on this website: through the Annie E. Casey Foundation. In fact, you can find all kinds of other statistics here as well, like how many children are in families in divorce, how many are funneled into the foster care system by your state every year, and more.

Changing a Child’s Development Landscape

Connie also recognizes that “There are constitutional issues that are not being brought to the attention of the courts.” She agrees that “We have constitutional rulings from the supreme court…yet parents’ rights are being stripped every day.” it is very common for attorneys to tell parents that they do not have constitutional rights in the family courts. It is very common for parents to go through this process without knowing that they have any right to challenge the judge at all. This is because of the “silencing effect” or chilling effect that the family law process has on attorneys and parents. When parents are not able to assert their rights they are not able to protect their children from a judge exposing their child to an amicus, guardian ad litem, and a number of other processes that the courts use throughout their unconstitutional discovery process.

“The children live in a very small world. Everything they become is the result of what you feed into that environment.”

Connie says that before the divorce process all the child knows is mommy, daddy, their teacher, just a few people. Their world is very small. The family court process creates confusion and complexities that can be avoided. And as experts in ACES like Ira Scott would tell you, that if you deplete a child’s landscape from necessary nutrients that the child receives from having both parents involved maximally in that child’s life, the child is left with a barren desert without adequate resources as an adult to draw from for coping with life’s challenges, leading to physical ailments and even death. However, the embedded process makes it impossible for attorneys to effectively apply the protections available from supreme court rulings into the current process. One example of destruction is the child support system itself.

Child Support Payers are Going to Jail

Connie explains that child support can be based on a presumptive (imputed) income and that if a parent becomes unemployed after divorce for a variety of reasons, the courts can and do still order child support amounts based on the amount they feel you have the “ability” to earn, not on the actual amount of money you do earn. Not paying child support is quasi-criminal and holds a jail sentence for those who are unable to pay. Connie says that this goes against her law school training that taught her that the law was based on facts and not fantasy. And that the facts are used as evidence, and that the evidence is what is used by the judge to base their conclusions. She does not know what it is called when a judge uses false facts to base their ruling, but it certainly is not the practice of law she was taught. When the courts make rulings based on No basis in facts, she says this is “total(ly) fraudulent.” It is refreshing to hear an attorney say this that has not been disbarred. Connie currently practices in middle Tennessee and points out that she does NOT hold any offices with the Bar Association.

Connie is the kind of attorney most parents hope to find in their state. Dr. Carlos Rivera, host of “In the Child’s Best Interest” on WLINY radio show, says he grew up believing in attorneys like this. Unfortunately, Dr. Rivera has not had the benefit of his rights being protected in his family law case and the judge has run wild, trampled his rights, taken away his freedom for long periods of time, and has driven him out of his pediatric practice and into bankruptcy. His judge has thrown him in jail for not paying enough child support even though the support he has paid has exceeded even some of the top earner’s incomes. Dr. Rivera paid over $495,000.00 in child support and still went to jail!

Common Law v. Statutes

Connie says that “statutes can be in total derogation of common law.” It sounds like there is a bit of a misunderstanding between common law and statutory law here though. It is actually common for us to run across these kinds of misunderstandings with attorneys. No disrespect to Connie’s efforts. But it is important that we educate our attorneys so that these misunderstandings do not lead to the wrong results. “Common law is judge made law and judge made law can be overturned by statute.” This would not be a bad thing if the statutes were constitutional. Many times statutes are not constitutional and Ron and I work on this problem every day to help bring the right protections into the statutes to help attorneys protect parents and their children.

A “Marriage certificate is the state’s ability to control your money” and “Divorce is just the state’s way to control your money” says Connie.

Connie goes on to say that “The 14th amendment is the right of privacy,” and she believes that the 14th amendment “is not just parental rights” but also “The constitutional right to family integrity…(and) the right of that child,” She says that “There is a right to family integrity for every man, woman, and child.” She states that Senator Lindsay Graham’s parental rights amendment is not sufficient if it does not say “family integrity”.

It is more technically correct to say that the right of privacy, although not actually written as such in the constitution, emanates from the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments as a penumbral right. This means that although not written, the right is essential to enable the written rights to function as intended. A simpler penumbral right, is the right of association as a 1st Amendment right. It arises from the right of speech. What use is the right of speech if you cannot associate with others who might hear you? Without the right of association there is no meaningful right to free speech.

There are two recognized forms of privacy right, the right to be free from invasion of your private spaces and the right to make private choices. Parental rights are private choice rights and the parent-child association creates a family unit that creates a shared private space. This right to a private family realm or family integrity is protected essentially the same way a search or seizure is protected. The 4th and 14th Amendments are used for this purpose.

Parental Rights Amendment

While I believe that the parental rights amendment being circulated by the Senators is not sufficient, it is not because the words “family integrity” are not there but because the parental rights amendment they are circulating still leaves out divorced parentsI Additionally, it is important to note that If a parental rights amendment passed then parental rights would no longer be dependent on the 14th amendment, so including what is covered by the 14th amendment is irrelevant since these rights would be protected by the parental rights amendment itself. Additionally, family integrity is protected in the right of association, (a First Amendment right). The right of association is the source of family integrity. A parental rights amendment that protects the parent-child association is protecting family integrity. We have written a parental rights amendment that addresses parental rights and children’s rights properly in the book “The 28th Amendment: Protecting Parent Child Bonds.”

“As American citizens we have been sleeping on our rights,” says Atty. Connie Reguli

Connie makes a call-to-action in her speech she says that the governors are the people who pick the people who run the foster care and child support agencies. The budget depends on these federal dollars. Her suggestion is to elect people who will put people into these positions who will say that “We are not going to get as much money from the federal government this year because we are going to do it right.”

Thanks Connie for your efforts and standing up to the monopoly that tries to shut attorneys up the way they try to shut parents up. Connie Reguli gave this speech at the Million Parent March in September 2017, last month where Kash Jackson (currently running for Governor in Illinois) and his organizing team and participants, Kyle Paskewitz, Joe Jensen, Kelly Jones, Ira Scott, Patrick Glynn, Christine VanAlstyne Sirgant, Kristi Beck (Mommy Interrupted Radio Show), Dr. Carlos Rivera (In the Child’s Best Interest Radio Show), Gary Jacobs, Yahya McClain (Producer of Casualties of W.A.R.), CJ Abernathey (The Man Cave and #MPM) , KRUE, Willow Moon, and many other leaders in this community attended to bring this information to our Nation’s Capitol in hopes of getting the leaders on the hill to take action against the policies that are destroying this nations families.


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