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Because the government tries hard to shut down our speech to you about the constitutional rights we all share through their unconstitutional unauthorized practice of law statutes, our first contact with you MUST be through our contact form where you MUST acknowledge that you know we are not attorneys by clicking the appropriate box. This provides a record of communicating this fact that protects us from frivolous unlawful persecution by the courts. You can find our contact form here.

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About Fix Family Courts

Fix Family Courts is a division of Constitutional Scholars Inc., so you may see Constitutional Scholars listed on sales receipts. Fix Family Courts is focused on applying constitutional rights in the family law or domestic relations regulation context. For a number of understandable historical reasons the structure of domestic relations regulation, particularly in custody suits between fit parents, is constitutionally unsound and quite illegal. The challenge is to force the courts to officially recognize this when the courts directly benefit from this unsound structure. Learn more about Fix Family Courts.

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About Sherry Palmer

Sherry has twice in her life had to overcome an oppressive court system process that threatened more harm to her life than good. First as a young child growing up in the streets of California she had to learn how to fight back which required that she learn how to persuade a judge and state bureaucrats simply to remain in her normal public school classes where she was excelling in spite of her living conditions. Learn more about Sherry Palmer.

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About Ron B Palmer

Ron is a Systems Engineer who has spent a career learning how to design and optimize the worlds largest and most complex business systems. Ron started on the technology side of things designing and integrating business technology systems. Ron quickly graduated to the business side of things designing, optimizing, and implementing through organizational change entire business systems of technology applying IT Service Management methodologies. Ron has applied these skills to the complex problem of family law producing a detailed blueprint of the current structure as compared to the best practice structure our constitution establishes; and developing a governance change program to radically reform our 19th Century Family Law Codes into systems for the 21st Century. Learn more about Ron B Palmer.