The Pre-Trial Conference motion does more than just equal parenting, it gets the family courts out of your wallet, protects your right to challenge the illegal practices of the courts, and your right to protect your child from the interference of the courts and your ex. Before you proceed any further in your child custody suit reset the court, your attorney, and protect yourself from the court imposing the bankrupting process on you, prevent delays, and prevent “court-induced parental alienation”™. 

As promised, we have been working on more tools to help you get your attorneys to do this for you. The newest motion that has been added to the Fix Family Courts declaratory judgment package is a new breakthrough. it is simple, direct, and easy to use. 

This motion alone could solve the problems you have been having with the family courts.


The courts have been denying that constitutional rights apply to you in your child custody dispute. The judge scolds and punishes you for bringing up your rights at all and says that you are failing to put your child first when you bring up your rights. They are wrong and we prove it, and now you can too.

The real reason the judge does not want you to bring up your rights is because that is the only thing that protects you from them taking over your life, taking your child, and from spending your money. The court cannot appoint a GAL or an amicus or force you to undergo investigations and prove your worthiness as a parent if your attorney applied your rights properly. This motion teaches your attorney how to use your rights in your court to block the court from inserting itself into your life unconstitutionally. This motion uses the current court process.

The Pre-Trial Conference Motion asks important questions of law. These are questions that traditionally have not been addressed before trial. In fact, these questions were probably never addressed. And prior to this motion, you were probably trying to tell the court that you have rights and that you wanted the protection of these rights, and the judge rolled their eyes and told you to sit down and shut up. The problem was that you were asking for these after the court decided it was cleared to proceed to trial. Ideally, you need to raise the issue prior to the trial itself. However, if you are just learning about this, and you are heading into final trial you would will have to modify how and what you present.

This motion simplifies the process and gets these questions in front of the court prior to your trial. This motion encourages settlement and reduces the issues that can be or need to be litigated.

For those of you who got the declaratory judgment motions, those motions are still good and useful. This motion is designed to be used before those motions, and if the court does what it is supposed to do, those motions will not be necessary. They remain useful if the court rejects this motion or if the rules in your state do not require them to hold the hearing being requested in this motion. Each gives you a different way to fight back on appeal against a trial court denying your rights. Each helps preserve the constitutional questions for appeal. YOUR ATTORNEY STILL NEEDS TO SPECIFICALLY OBJECT ON THE RECORD.

This motion gives you the step to take before you file the declaratory motions and helps transition the court more easily. This motion is designed to take an easier less confrontational path than the declaratory motions that should be available as a standard process in other civil cases. Therefore, it should be more familiar to your judge than a declaratory motion. This process should also be more familiar to your attorney if they do any other type of civil case work

So in hopes of utilizing a less confrontational process than the declaratory motions, we embarked on what we could do further to help you use their current process. We have been involved in multiple federal and state appeals and have learned much since the declaratory motions were first created

We started looking through the rules again, using this new knowledge, and found that there is another way to assert your rights.

This motion is designed to work by itself and also works in coordination with the declaratory judgment motions.

This one motion could solve the issue. But if it does not, you have the next step and can file the declaratory judgment motions. All of this is necessary to protect the record if the court continues to insist on ignoring your rights. If you want to argue this on appeal, you must assert it all the way through your case and be sure to raise the issues in the record of the final trial..

What Else is Different About this Motion?

The Pre-Trial motion has training within it. Every section of the motion has explanation. We list the rules in the appendix to help you guide your attorney. 

Now most of your questions are answered in the motion. No more wondering what to do or how to do it.  

More Stuff Coming

We want you to also have access to all of the training about your rights. For less than the price of the book you can start learning about your rights right now. Become a monthly member and you get access to all of the training videos. Consume as much of the training as you want when you want. Every month we are adding more training.

This is a brand new monthly member program coming on board where you will be able to get all of the training videos in one place for one low monthly price. Consume as much of the video training as you want every month. So, you won’t ever be without the training that you need, when you need it. 

You won’t find any of this anywhere else. Ron and I have spent thousands of hours researching and figuring out the problems and creating solutions. These are created by us and not copied from anywhere else. We are not just re-stating information that is already out there. We have distilled the research into specific guidance and tools to empower you and your attorney to compel family court judges to start respecting the protection that only your constitutional rights provide.

And as you requested and we responded it is now cheaper for you to do this. 

Why is This Necessary?

Attorneys have monopolized the law industry. There is no competition, making them lazy and complacent. They have no incentive to challenge abuses in the system because too many benefit from those abuses. In fact, those attorneys who want to have not been able to challenge abuses in the process because the monopoly punishes them and pushes them out if they try. The only protection good attorneys have from this monopoly pressure is strong well-informed parents demanding application of specific legal tools in specific ways. Behind the scenes your good attorney can argue with their peers and with the judges that parents are coming to them with specific information demanding specific actions. They are powerless to resist this and should not be seen as willing disruptors of the current corrupt system. 

How Did Non-Attorneys Figure This Out?

Ron spent 25 years working in and consulting for the world’s largest companies. He has been well trained in the methodology that these companies use to apply external consulting expertise and pressure in identifying where important systems have become stagnant or dysfunctional and creating systemic ways of correcting these systems. The law is little different from the policies, processes, and procedures that the world’s largest companies use to succeed.

Companies experience group think; people do what the culture demands not what the rules say to do; people do things because it is the way they have always done things and resist change; power structures distort rules, processes, and outcomes; and powerful actors bend the organization to their wills. Ron has worked through and provided consulting advice to break through these issues for decades and now we bring that experience to bear on family law. In corporations, the goal is efficiency and effectiveness towards greater revenue at lower costs. In law, the goal is more justice at less cost to litigants and reduced harm to individuals produced by government action.

The law and family law particularly have a complex structure, history, and language that has made our investigation stage a very long process of many years to get to where we are now in our materials. However, we have discovered enough to now provide specific targeted solutions to break up the current stagnant, dysfunctional system and get it back on track to producing proper justice under our constitutional system of government. You will see many new materials and new training released over the next several weeks and months.

In business, consultants are often brought in to say what many key people already know but cannot change from their internal positions. When an outside consultant says the right things, the internal people, like your good attorney, receive the cover they need to make the changes they have always known need to be made but that couldn’t be made before. Competition drives corporations to change or die.

It is no different in family law. It takes non-attorneys to say the things that the good attorneys have always known but that the system has made impossible to implement. Courts survive only on the perception that they provide honest justice, parents can openly challenge this perception and create the same effect in law that competition provides in business. You create the pressure for the courts to change by attacking the one thing they cannot survive without, the belief that they honestly attempt to provide justice.

You can get the new motion and the other tools you need in this total package with the declaratory judgment motions, petition insert, some attorney training, some responses to objections,

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