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Alito admits he used Dobbs to Expand Religion

The secret is out Alito is using his position as a United States Supreme Court justice to expand religion. He didn’t do it as subtly in Dobbs as he did in the several other cases that the founder of the summit lists off, Hobby Lobby and cases he strategically writes statements in cases like Kennedy v. Bremerton School District in the denial of cert that later teed up the case that came back into the Supreme Court and became a landmark case for religious victory.

Best Hope for Parents

Book Preview: NOT in the Child's Best Interest

The Best Interest Controversy

Courts deal with controversies, and it is vital to identify the controversy at issue.

Burden of Proof is Powerful, Gun Rights

Intermediate scrutiny, burden of proof means government must prove its claims with actual evidence. ABA gun rights article proves what we have said all along.

Caleb Leverett Parker

Stunning video of Caleb Leverett Parker refusing his mother

Child-Support Contempt: Ability-to-Pay Protection

Yet another sad post and yet another father in jail for failure to pay unjust child support that he could not afford and being unjustly labeled a deadbeat by evil in a robe. You can fight this and you can win if only…

Child Support Slavery

Abortion rights activists show us the way to end child support slavery by recognizing that compelling a person to work for the benefit of another violates the 13th Amendment.

Compelled Marriage: Lies Divorce Courts Tell

In Compelled marriage divorce court Judge forces parents to remain married and violates their First Amendment right to divorce.

Dadication Video

Father's involvement is the #1 way to empower and protect children

Do I have rights in family court?

Watch this animated video to see what your rights are in family court.

Elon Musk Warns

We Over-Regulate Families

Five Child Support Steps

Five steps to take if you cannot pay your child-support

5 Ways a GAL Makes You Broke in Divorce

DANGER! The GAL is a prosecutor for the judge, NOT your friend. Guardian Ad Litem adds costs and hardships but does nothing to protect your child’s rights.

How and Why Family Court Rewards Narcissists and Creates Dysfunction

Narcissists are hard for good people to understand. The issue is that you still believed that good exists in your ex, and that this will prevail. You didn’t want to believe that there is evil in people. And that’s probably because you are kindhearted and a good person with a good soul, so you think everyone has what you have inside – a conscience and good intentions.

How to Find Safe and Affordable Childcare: 5 Helpful Tips for Parents

Parents are facing a crisis in the United States: Many people cannot afford the outrageous costs of childcare. A report by NPR found that average American parents are “sweating and hustling” to pay for the childcare they rely on

Information you need to protect your rights in family court Truth Bomb 1

Information you need to protect your rights in family court. Truth Bomb 1 Learn the following in this video: This is the first of nine Truth Bombs. 1. Your relationship with your child is the source of constitutional protections for your parental rights. 2. What a penumbral right is and why you care in child…

No Fault Divorce

No-Fault Divorce is an illegal scheme designed to avoid constitutional compliance.

Parental Rights took a Major hit Today

Parental rights took a major hit today, and both liberals and conservatives are to blame because both sides blatantly hate individual freedom for anyone but themselves.

Right to Divorce

You have a right to divorce protected by the First Amendment

Six Ways to fight back against the GAL

DANGER! GAL is expensive and can hurt you badly. Get rid of the GAL

Sue Your Ex

Do You Know You Can Sue Your Ex for Interfering with your Parenting Time?

Texas Spousal Maintenance Chapter 8 Enforcement Final Divorce Decree Template

There are rules to spousal maintenance in Texas: Address these in your final divorce decree. You need to ensure that….

Texas versus Roe v Wade

Listen closely. This is the most exciting news since Casey. The Texas fetal heartbeat law, SB8, will change how parental righton for your parental rights too!

The Truth about Dobbs Overturning Roe

What was the Real Controversy the Supreme Court used to Overturn Roe? The Supreme Court accepted the case Dobbs, State Health Officer of the Mississippi Department of Health, et al. v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, et al. certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit during its October 2021 term on…

You only care about your Parental Rights

Has a judge ever told you that you only care about your parental rights not about your child’s best interests? Would you like to know how to properly respond?

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