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Texas State Bar Lobbying Arm Caught Misleading Legislators

The Texas Family Law Foundation (TFLF), a lobbying arm of the Texas State Bar, made a recent attack on parental rights bill, HB 453 in Texas; a Bill that puts an equal parenting time option into the family code. TFLF circulated a flyer to the members of the 85th legislature warning that if the legislators passed…

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Attorney General Indoctrinating High School Students Into Child Support Program

Attorney General, Ken Paxton, is indoctrinating our children into child support in their high school health classes through a “Parenting and Paternity Awareness (P.A.P.A.) program” put in place as a mandatory program taught by the AG in your child’s health class. The A.G. is using a statute, HB 2176 passed in 2008, that tells him to…

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Texas Legislative Equal Parenting Packet

You can get this packet for free from The National Family Law Policy Center here. Take with you when you are discussing why and how equal parenting protects children.

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A sad day in Connecticut

Virtually all of the parental rights bills that were submitted to the Judiciary Committee for the 2017 legislative session in Connecticut have died in committee. AGAIN.  These are bills that Connecticut citizens have been trying to get passed for years and have had to unnecessarily recycle them, year after year. The bills all encompass the basic principle…

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OSCE means - Office of Child Support Enforcement

Child Support Program exists because of Deadbeat Dads?

 The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) says that Child Support is “good” for children and their most successful program to date. And one of the writers on the ABA blog writes that child support “IV-D only exists because of deadbeats…” Is this True? The OCSE claim that the child support program solves just about…

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Attorney General Ken Paxton on Child Support

When you think of child support, do you think of a child in need? That’s what we have been culturally conditioned to believe. Just like anything else, until we are educated, we only know what we are fed. What if you found out that child support was being used to enrich government officials in your…

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Prove to Me Why You Should Get 50/50…

Are the days of having to prove why you deserve equal custody of your child coming to an end? Looking through the history of the child custody laws in the state of Washington, you might not think so. Over the years, Washington residents have had several changes to their child custody statutes and no doubt…

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Should a Court Protect a Child from a Not so Great Parent?

Virtual Round Table is a new podcast with Stephen Krasner, guest blogger for Huffington Post, and Zena Crenshaw-Logal, J.D. Zena, around time marker 8:30 asks Stephen whether the court is “erring on the side of caution” and whether or not the court is justified when they create delays in order to keep a mother away from…

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Status Quo in Family Code Statutes are Going to Have to Change

This is a continuation of the last blog I wrote yesterday on how the Standard Possession order statutes managed to turn into minimum possession orders and weaved their way through the Family Code in Texas to whittle away at parental rights. So we have written 4 new Bills that several people are carrying to the…

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Was the Standard Possession Order ever Intended to be Standard?

According to Appellate Judge Puryear, the legislators never intended for the Standard Possession Order in Texas to be the standard default possession order. Judge Puryear states in a concurring opinion made in 2005 that the joint managing conservator statute § 153.001, mandates “only minimal restriction on either parent’s possession or access,” id. § 153.193. Puryear says…

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