If you want your rights protected, donate here today! Ron and Sherry are filing a declaratory judgment in July 2015 in a similar fashion that the gay rights movement used to declare their right to marry, and Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade used to void abortion laws.-------------------------------------------------- You have the right to be free from government interference in your relationship with your child after divorce and when you were never married. It shouldn't be so hard to ask for these rights to be protected from attack. We are trying to make this process easier for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Donate today so that we can complete this task and so that we can all see the day that you no longer have to fight to keep your full rights intact after divorce. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are donating to Keeping Families Intact -- a soon-to-be nonprofit working towards providing free education on family rights. KFI is working in coordination with Fix Family Courts to raise money for the filing of a declaratory judgment to declare the rights that all parents and children have in divorce. (KFI is filing for nonprofit status so that your donations can be tax deductible. Your donations will go towards filing the declaratory judgment first and then towards the filing fees for obtaining nonprofit status next. Then if donations exceed those costs, the donations will go towards providing free education to the public on their family rights.)

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Ron speaks at 11 minutes and 44 seconds on the video below.

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Divorce should not and does not have to mean you lose your rights to your child.

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