Because divorce should NOT mean losing your children

The top 5 reasons your family law attorney might be failing you and what you can do about it…

The top 5 reasons your family law attorney might be failing you and what you can do about it…

Watch this video and learn how to STOP throwing your money away and get an attorney-parent agreement template* that could save you tens of thousands of dollars…

SAVE yourself from years or a lifetime of heartache and heartbreak…

Not getting the results that you want?** Don’t feel heard? You’ll leave knowing what your parental rights and your children’s rights are that you are asking the attorney to protect.

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Were you told by your attorney that “You have Rights, We Protect Them?” Probably not.

  1. You gave them money before you found out what you were buying! Where else do you do that? Who else would you give money too and not understand what the money is going to do for you? With something as important as your children and your future ability to be free to make your own life decisions, you would think that we would be more careful. But what happens when you are afraid and hurt and scared, you trust the people that claim to protect you. But what does that mean?

Before you turn over thousands of dollars to an attorney, shouldn’t you know what you are buying? Do you give anyone else $10,000 or even $20,000 up front and not know exactly what you are buying with that money? How many of you walk in and pay for a car outright? All of a sudden, in a divorce you are expected to fork over your entire life’s savings and sell everything you own and accept what they do and do what they say. What are you buying with that money? Are you buying to be bullied or forced into things that make you powerless or keep you under the control of the courts or your ex?

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  1. You and your attorney have different ideas of what is a good result.

Do you know what your attorney thinks is a good result? What if you and your attorney are not thinking the same? What if your attorney thinks it’s a good result if he just keeps you out of court no matter the cost to you long term, regardless of whether you are made a visitor in your child’s life or whether you have to pay for counseling forever. What if your attorney thinks it is a win to get you just a little bit more than you have already, but not what you had in mind and that was having your rights back and not having to support the other parent forever. What if you paid your attorney all of this money and now they threaten to quit and get hostile with you when you tell them that you are not happy with being forced into their idea of a good deal? Is that what you paid for? REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR AND FIND OUT HOW TO STOP THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR ON TUESDAY

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  1. You didn’t set any boundaries.

Do you know what your attorney plans to give up on your behalf to keep you out of court? How do you set these boundaries? What are these boundaries? If you don’t know then you subject yourself to the ones that the attorney decides. And what is your attorney giving up on your behalf in court? When you talk to your attorney about your options are you only given that the judge decides if you end up in court? Are you being left open and vulnerable even though you thought you paid for protection? Did you define this protection?winning image 2014[iv]

  1. You didn’t define what winning looks like and you weren’t explained the consequences of what winning on the attorney’s terms gives up.

Do you know what your attorney considers a win? Some attorneys, most think that winning is getting a little more than what you have had taken from you. Some think that winning is staying out of court. And then others think that winning is intimidating until one side gives in or runs out of money. Is this the kind of winning you had in mind?

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  1. You didn’t tell your attorney what you weren’t willing to bargain away.

Are you paying an attorney to bully you and tell you to give in to the other side? When you asked the attorney to help you, did you just leave it up to the attorney how they would help and what would be part of that help? Did you end up with family studies and psych evals because the attorney said that’s what needed to be done in order to get to where you were asking to be? Are you asking for something that puts you at more risk? Did your attorney explain any of this?

What does it mean when an attorney tells you that they will file motions and pleadings and respond to the other attorney? What is in these motions and pleadings and what are the consequences of those?

We hope this isn’t happening to you. But if it is we know that you may feel like you have no choice. And you are right if you continue to give your attorney money without finding out what you are going to get for that money.

At the end of this webinar you will know how to fix this and you’ll have a template of a agreement you can use to clarify what you expect when you hire an attorney.

Before you go any further find out what you should be asking for and when you might be paying an attorney to bully you to give in and give up.

If you are being told that what they are offering you is better than what you have and you are a fit parent, why are you paying for someone to give up your rights and your child’s rights. Is that what you thought you were paying for?

Attend this webinar and leave with a contract that you can present to attorneys to make sure that you are making it clear what you are willing to pay for and what you are not.

Attend this webinar and know how to make your money work for you and what you want done and not what someone else dictates to you. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: REGISTER ME NOW

Take control over how your money is used. Know when to walk and find someone else. Know what to do if you cannot find anyone and have to do it yourself.

All this and more in this webinar. It’s tomorrow so enroll before the seats are gone. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU THINK I SHOULD SIGN THAT DEAL! Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. Get the help that you need now so that you won’t be caught here after you’ve given your attorney $10,000 to $20,000 dollars. That’s right you’ll pay just about anything to keep your child and to prove that you are right and that you did nothing wrong, and they know this. Next thing you know you’ll be running out of money and they’ll be telling you to sign off on something that you don’t like and telling you “that’s the best deal you’re going to get.”

Don’t gamble with your money and your children’s futures. Don’t give your future away where you can’t rebuild after your divorce!

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*E-mail and ask for the attorney-parent agreement.

**There are no guaranteed results and Sherry and Ron B Palmer are not attorneys. We are not responsible for your results and you use this information at your own risk. These materials are meant for fit parents that have not been deemed to be a clear and present danger to their children. Results may be different for every person.



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So many people are suffering from being forced into more family studies/home studies, more therapy, and more attorney bills and have no idea how to make it end…don’t let this happen to you!
So many people are suffering from being broke because you fought to be with your child…don’t let this happen to you or someone you love!

So many people are suffering from fear and anxiety because they are facing jail because they are behind in paying child support, alimony, etc…

So many people are suffering because every time they fight back they lose more and are beat down further…

They didn’t know there were different choices they could make. They trusted attorneys that continue the same patterns and the same fight over and over again that gets these same results.

It’s your divorce and your life, right. You decided that you don’t want to be under the control of the other parent any longer. And then you got divorced…and now nothing is what it was supposed to be!

Did you know that “elephants are conditioned to believe that they can’t move about freely when they are tied by the right rear leg. From the moment this conditioning takes hold, you can tie a string and they won’t move. The elephants at the circus didn’t roam about because they believed they couldn’t. The tethers in their minds were stronger than any chain or rope.”

Family courts are doing this to parents! They make you believe that there is nothing you can do.

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Did you believe that the attorneys, therapists, and courts get to tell you what to do after you get divorced?

Did you believe that they had a right to force you into family studies and psych evals?

Did you believe that one parent was supposed to be appointed as the primary when the two parents couldn’t agree?

Did you believe that if a statute says that the State can do it that this Statute is the final word?

Did you believe that it was more expensive to appeal than to just do what they say?

Did you believe that you had no choices?

Did you believe that being told no by the courts or your attorney meant that you shouldn’t challenge that “no?”

Did you believe that divorce triggered all of this authority?

Did you believe that the family courts did not have to follow Supreme Court opinions?

Did you believe that you were hurting your child by fighting the family courts, the attorneys, and your ex from taking over your rights to your child?

Did you believe that fighting for your rights was not thinking about the best interest of your child?

Did you believe that the court gets to decide best interest of your child?

Until you challenge these beliefs your life won’t be what you want it to be! Are you scared, paralyzed, feel like you are just standing there with a chain around your neck, not realizing that you are strong enough to break free? Join us in the last “Turn Your Divorce Around” webinar this Sunday at 6 p.m. cst. This empowering webinar has limited space, so click here to save your seat. SAVE ME A PLACE PLEASE

If you let them tighten that noose they will!

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Break free of those ropes by joining us on Sunday, June 8, 2014 6 p.m. cst and find out what you can do to fight back!

This webinar will take you through the cycle that traps you in divorce and how to break that cycle, what it takes to break free and unveils choices you didn’t know you had. Your life can change and you can break free from the fear and anxiety holding you back.

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[1] David Wood

[1] Smith, Hyrum W. “The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Tim and Life Management: Proven Strategies for Increased Productivity and Inner Peace.” 1994. P25


Divorce Courts Act in Their Own Interests

Divorce Courts Act in Their Own Interests


Multiple Federal Appellate Courts have found that children have a right to familial association with their parents and that these rights are fundamental rights. The Supreme Court has placed the right to free association into the category of First Amendment rights as the right of free speech would be meaningless without the right to associate with others. First Amendment rights as we know require enhanced scrutiny.

When both parents in divorce are fit, there is absolutely no rational basis for depriving the child of equal association rights with both fit parents. Doing so creates a second class child based on nothing more than the marital status of the parents. This as we know violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Divorce Court Judges who deny a child’s right to free and equal association with both fit parents are acting in the Divorce Court’s interests NOT the child’s.

To learn more about this and other family law constitutional issues read our book: NOT In the Child’s Best Interest or inquire about taking one of our courses.

Judges Act In Their Own Best Interests

Judges Act In Their Own Best Interests

Divorce-Court-InterestsMultiple Federal Appellate Courts have found that children have a right to familial association with their parents and that these rights are fundamental rights. The Supreme Court has placed the right to free association into the category of First Amendment rights as the right of free speech would be meaningless without the right to associate with others. First Amendment rights as we know require enhanced scrutiny.

When both parents in divorce are fit, there is absolutely no rational basis for depriving the child of equal association rights with both fit parents. Doing so creates a second class child based on nothing more than the marital status of the parents. This as we know violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

To learn more about this and other family law constitutional issues read our book: NOT In the Child’s Best Interest or inquire about taking one of our courses.


Parents that come to us find a place where they can find tools that help them fight back!

When they keep you in the dark and hide the rules and procedures and make statutes that violate your rights…

you have two options:

1. take it and continue to be beaten


2. fight back!

We help you FIGHT BACK!

We help you recognize the tactics and patterns that the family courts use and interrupt these patterns. They’ve made living your life difficult on you, isn’t it time that you make it difficult back on them?

If the family courts have been bullying you…If the family courts made you feel bad…If the family courts are robbing you…

Join us tomorrow night and learn the #1 way to STOP the Family Court Bullying and TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK!



Your Rights are not Dependent on the Legislature!

“Ultimately all judicial power rests with the Supreme Court of the United States. They are the final arbiter of all judicial issues.” The three branches of government are set up as co-equal branches of government so that no one branch of our government can rule over the others. “Our founders didn’t want any part of this government getting too strong. They certainly didn’t want a king to form. They expected these branches to fight each other for power.” ~Ron B Palmer

Each branch can assert its own legitimate power to reign in one of the other co-equal branches that begins to exceed its authorized power. It was expected that all of them should be “power grabbing” because that’s what our founding fathers intended for them to do. That’s how you balance power. So when one of them throws the fight, they screw up the honesty and integrity of the system. What the legislators have been doing is asking the courts to step aside and let them take over. Our founding fathers were afraid of this and therefore split it into two houses. This tells us that we should not allow this to happen.

“Some judges believe that the legislature should be the supreme power…and they don’t really take on their role as a co-equal branch, and this causes problems….This essentially breaks the system from the way our founders set it up, and what these judges believe is that even if something might be unconstitutional they like to defer to the legislature and allow the legislature to work it out even when the legislature is denying fundamental liberties to people. Fortunately for us this is not the majority view of the Supreme Court.” ~Ron B Palmer.

The legislature is not a ruler over the courts. The courts have their own powers and they are supposed to be using those, not acting like minions to the legislature. The legislature is supposed to represent the will of the people but the founding fathers were very wary of legislative power and further weakened this power by setting up two separate houses of Congress. Part of the reason for this divide that they understood that the will of the people in the short term can easily become the will of the mob. For this reason the House of Representatives has two-year terms keeping them very close to the short term will of the people and the Senate has six year terms, allowing them to be more circumspect. All Bills that pass into Statutes however must remain compliant with the Constitution as that is the boundaries for government power that the Will of The People set. And the only way to change that is through United States constitutional amendments, not through Statutes!

One of Ron’s favorite quotes comes from a Mel Gibson movie the Patriot. When the main character as a previous war hero was asked to join the Continental Army he stated, “why would I trade one tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants one mile away?” This quote nicely sums up the danger of a pure democracy and is instructive on why we do NOT have a pure democracy in this country. Our Constitution clearly is designed to limit those in power from trampling the rights of individuals. It almost did not pass because it did not originally include explicit statements on these rights. It passed only when it was promised that these would be quickly added and that was done with the Bill of Rights.

In our system there are protections against incursions into the rights of individuals. The Supreme Court holds all judicial power under our Constitution and it falls to them to make final judicial determinations about the Constitutionality of our statutes. However, it does NOT fall only to them. The Executive branch also has the right to make its own determinations of constitutionality and base their actions on that belief. Further, our founding fathers expected every individual to do the same.

In summary, the legislature is supposed to be representing what they believe to be the will of the people within their communities within the guidelines of the constitution (which is the Supreme will of the people and sets the ways in which that Supreme will of the people can be altered short of which the fickle day-to-day will of the people cannot exceed the boundaries that the people have set within our constitution.) This protects us from the Will of the mob and still allows us to govern ourselves. The courts are supposed to evaluate the short-term or immediate will of the people and measure that against the Supreme Will of the people to see if in there exuberance they have not surpassed what they set as the boundaries for themselves. It’s the judges that use their tests to determine this in day-to-day cases. That is precisely why they are called judges. They make rulings on the applicability and constitutionality of the statutes. And if they find that a statute is interfering, burdening, or prohibiting the exercise of the fundamental liberties and rights guaranteed to the people by the people, they can rule to suspend that statute in that case. Then if the losing party wishes to challenge this ruling they can take it to appeal.

Therefore, when the system works properly, the burden should be on the party trying to deprive the liberty. When a parent tries to disrupt and interfere with another parent’s ability to exercise their individual liberties, rights, and freedoms they are the ones that should have the burden to prove that they have met the standards that authorize the court to do so. They must prove that conditions are so grievous that it warrants overcoming a fundamental liberty. An example would be violation of a criminal statute.

This would reduce the number of parents whose liberties are attacked from the expense, burdens, and suffering of having to appeal. It would be the parent doing the attacking having to appeal when the judge shoots them down for not having met the burden to prove that they have what is needed to invoke the authority and power of the State to deprive the parent being attacked. Not the parent that is attacked.

The parent being attacked shouldn’t be restricted from exercising their rights and freedoms on how and where they spend their future income and how and what choices they make in raising their children all within the laws applied to everyone regardless of marital or nonmarital status when the other parent fails to provide the proper evidence to the court. The attacking parent is supposed to overcome a very high bar, not the parent being attacked –innocent until proven guilty. It should be no different than convicting a criminal. Nobody should lose their individual rights to be who they choose to be or to make their own private decisions involving their children just because they choose not to be with another person. Who has ever heard of such absurdity outside the family courts? Parents in divorce or separation live this absurdity every day.

When you really look at what has been going on, generations of people have been sold a multitude of excuses and absurdities. And the only way for them to continue is to keep you confused, highly stressed, alone, and in the dark. They made you believe that what they do is right and that’s all it took. They pandered to your desires and you bought it hook, line, and sinker. Then you didn’t notice that they placed their hands in your pocketbooks and your ankles in shackles until it was too late and you were rendered paralyzed and believed you were helpless. They trapped you in your own emotions.

There is a way out, you just have to reframe the discussions away from the lies that they’ve been teaching and put it right back onto the constitutional principles. You’ve learned to accept their lies. We can help you learn to find your way out of them. We’ll be discussing this more in our webinar on Friday, April 4, 2014.

See you there! If you still need to register, here’s the registration link: HOLD MY SEAT PLEASE, I WANT OFF THIS ROLLERCOASTER! I WANT MY LIFE BACK!

Would I Have Paid an Attorney If I had Known…

Would I Have Paid an Attorney If I had Known…

…that they were going to subject me to a costly, time-consuming, gut wrenching, life altering battle that could have been avoided by applying my constitutional parental rights in the first place! (By the way, choosing not to apply the constitution does not mean that the constitution does not apply to the family courts. It means that the attorney chose to ignore the Constitution and not apply it. That’s all. Since the Constitution applies to all courts of law and courts of equity, there is no such thing as the Constitution not applying. As that would mean that the court is established outside the Constitution. Again, not the case.)

The following questions will lead to some suggestions at the end of the poll:

Did you know that most family statutes are unconstitutional? free polls 


Were you given any other option to fight the other parent other than digging up dirt on them and making them look bad? free polls 
Were you told by an attorney that it was unlikely you would get custody of your own children in divorce? free polls 
How much would you pay an attorney for an order that was useless and unenforceable? free polls 
Were you told by your attorney that you had parental rights that were separate and individual to you and not tied to the marriage? free polls 

Would I have paid an attorney if I really knew what they were going to do with my money? I thought that I hired an attorney because I needed to have someone that knew the law. Nobody told me that I was paying someone to play politics for me in a racket that has grown to epic proportions because I’ve been kept in the dark about the reality of their practices.

The representation that I got had nothing to do with protecting my rights but rather playing a game with my life and using my wallet to do it with!

Here’s some thought: What if you started pushing for laws that require attorneys to tell parents their constitutional parental rights before they can ask for a contract of services or collect any money from you?

And what if they were required to have you sign a document that shows what your rights are according to the Supreme Law of the Land?

Why not pass laws that require the bar associations and boards of legal specializations (in Texas for instance, the Board of Law Examiners appointed by the Texas Supreme Court independent from the State Bar Association administers the exam and issues the license) in the states where that apply before they are allowed to certify a lawyer as an “attorney-at-law” and claim that they are “qualified” to practice family law that the attorney demonstrate an understanding that “laws” including the “Supreme Law of the Land”, the United States Constitution and all of the United States Supreme Court opinions that have defined and established parental rights and family privacy  apply to the family courts

Then why not require that the attorneys demonstrate that they will vigorously represent the parent by using these laws and informing the judge if any statutes that he/she is trying to apply violate their understanding of these cases and the supreme law of the land — in other words object to the statute as being unconstitutional! (They require them to demonstrate that they know how to fill out the paperwork and write a legal opinion in what they call the “performance” test.)

* “Texas reported that of 77,056 attorneys, only 697 in the entire state were certified in family law (which is, arguably, the applicable specialty).” 

Require and request that your legislators pass a Bill that require attorneys to reveal if they make campaign contributions and the names of the judges they contribute too.

Require and request that your legislators pass a Bill that turns the professional code of conduct of attorneys into laws with sanctions and punishment.

Require and request that your legislator pass laws that require attorneys to read to you all of your fundamental parental rights and to tell you which ones they are going to protect BEFORE you make a decision of whether or not you want that representation! Require that they have a law that requires them to have you sign these rights that they are protecting. After all, you should know what you are buying, right?

Require and request that they make these requirements because it has become necessary since the laws do not allow individuals to hire anyone other than a licensed attorney approved by the STATE BAR or Board that is appointed to serve this function. These laws are necessary to protect the people from being tricked and ripped off and taken advantage of. (When people hire an attorney they believed that they were receiving a service that included the protection of all of their rights and that the attorney would know how to challenge any infringement on their rights, including a statute that is unconstitutional! They may not have known specifically what to ask for, but they knew they thought they were paying for protection.)

Make it very public if the legislator is unwilling to pass laws that protect people from the financial devastation and the negative effects of the unregulated business practices of attorneys that are driving people into poverty in the neighborhoods and communities where you live!

Ask for transparency and professional conduct requirements with sanctions under the law. Ask for an agency, similar to the one they created to collect child support, to vigorously prosecute those that violate these fundamental duties that protect you from being ripped off when you hire an attorney that has been certified. If that attorney made you think he/she was capable and willing to represent you in the manner that protects your ability to continue to exercise your rights with the least amount of harm and damage and turmoil to your life as possible, the parent that hired them should have some sort of recourse or assurance that the certification is assurance that their expectations will be fulfilled (at least regarding the type of representation that they will receive).

Tomorrow  we’ll be unraveling some of the mysteries behind engaging others in the reform movement and Designing your Own Destiny.

If you haven’t registered for the webinar, you can do so here, while there are seats left! DESIGN MY OWN DESTINY

Have more questions or need some help with something, you can contact us here: FIX FAMILY COURTS before you are driven into bankruptcy and you lose time with your child. Don’t end up like all those before…don’t get taken advantage of!



“God Blessed Me With an Angel…” and then I got Divorced

…And no divorce court has the right to deprive me and you.

“Believe half of what you see and nuttin what you’re told.”

For some people it’s maybe a scent that bring them back home.

For me, it’s sounds. The cantor of a voice and the diction of the words. There’s a life that I know that my children have never known. I did that. I wanted it that way.

There’s a life that I lived that my children have never lived. I worked for that. I wanted it that way.

There’s a life that my children did know. I made good choices and was able to give them that. I made good choices because I thought that would protect my children from ever having to know the life that I once knew.

What I never knew and didn’t know. My choices that I had to make to provide this life for my children weren’t going to protect them from a danger worse than any ghetto or projects or gangs or rough neighborhoods. Even these neighborhoods had codes and rules that were known. Their family values stronger yet. Sure there were bad things that happened and there was a constant struggle for survival on many different levels. Mostly not by choice for the children.

And sure there were kids who were lucky if they had one fit parent.

I thought that life would be better in the middle…

Don’t drink, don’t do drugs, stay in school, don’t stay with single guys. The rules were simple the path was treacherous. The prize I thought was worth it.

I thought by making these right choices that nobody would or could take my family away or what I had earned and built…I thought if I just made money the right way and lived a life in a good neighborhood my children could be safe and live a happy life and make a life for themselves that wasn’t filled with the threat of not knowing where their next meal would come from or whether a stray bullet might pierce them or someone they loved in the night. I thought making good choices would protect my children from losing a family member to a senseless crime. I thought that my children wouldn’t have to know that kind of loss.

I thought that by making right choices that the law would be on my side. I thought that if I just taught my children right…

When I finally had a chance to have a family of my own…four beautiful children and a great big home. Everything I thought had all been worth it…

Most the people I knew in neighborhoods from when I was young don’t have an address that you would want to look up…And here I was living in a country club!

Most the people that lived where I had been were for all I knew buried or unrecognizable. And others you wouldn’t want to hold a reunion and take a walk down memory lane…And yet here I was with family and friends and my own businesses with success and respect in the cities and communities!

I thought that I had found a better life…I wasn’t greedy, I wasn’t rich by a millionaires standards, but certainly by any standards of how I grew up…

I worked hard from the time I was young and always made sure that I remained independent so that no one could force me to be what they wanted…

I thought that by giving back to society by following their rules and working hard that nobody could force me to live according to their ideas…as long as I followed the rules

As long as I followed the rules…I thought that I could just say no…

Stand and fight or be killed I thought were days long gone by…

But there was another danger out there…one that runs all the neighborhoods…a kingpin of sorts…or you could say almost like another type of gang…where some wear robes and others suits and fancy clothes.

I thought long and hard to find the differences and to convince myself that it’s just not so…but they drive fancy cars…not much different than drug dealers, and they live off of intimidating and threatening others.

They hurt your children and steal from you…

They force you into indentured servitude…

So upon reflection I have to ask myself was it all worth it…would I have thought it so important to make the right choices to live a different life if I had only known…

Was there really a different life to live…what is it that I have accomplished?

Everything that I worked so hard for…taken, liquidated, or destroyed…my own children turned and made into strangers…

I remember when I was young thinking how sad it was…adults in a drunken stooper or a constant drugged state…how sad I thought that they threw it all away or shot it all into their arms, up their nose, or down their throat!

And here I am now…am I any better. I may not be a drunk or a drug addict but you couldn’t tell by our portfolios. In fact, mine is probably looking worse since drunks, drug addicts, and child abusers still have children who claim to love them.

I’ve been told in the past that I should mentor the youth…but what is there to tell them…

…work hard to make your life better…

and you could fall in love, build a beautiful house in a nice neighborhood, have children follow all the laws and then have all you worked for taken by the court, your children taken, kicked out of your house, and be an indentured servant to a former partner forever by court order or sell drugs and drive a mercedes or a cadillac in the ghetto …YOU TELL ME WHICH ONE LOOKS BETTER


DIVORCE 101 Launching in Dallas Texas D.I.V.A.S.

DIVORCE 101 Launching in Dallas Texas D.I.V.A.S.

Sherry and Ron B Palmer are one of the speakers and trainers for D.I.V.A.S. DIVORCE 101 launching this Saturday in Flower Mound, Texas! They are one of the very few constitutional scholars, authors, coaches, and instructors to parents and attorneys all over the United States. They have launched a class that teaches parents how to integrate their parental rights from their book in real-world family court, collaborative, and mediation applications.

WHEN: Saturday, March 29, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

WHERE: 3360 Long Prairie Road, Flower Mound, Texas 75022


Whether you’re divorced, married, single, or separated, come out to meet Amber Rodgers and hear her suvivor story, and meet Sherry and Ron B Palmer. You’ll never look at the divorce process the same, you’ll never be taken advantage of again, and you’ll never have to go through it alone or in the dark again!

DIVAS_4x6PC_FRONT divorce 101 flyer divas march 2014




“I Am The System…”

“We live in a system that’s designed for us to fail….When they get older they are going to face a system that tells them there is no you.” ~Prentice Powell

Allowing judges to force their idea of what kind of parent you should be to your child is nothing more than social engineering, systematically stripping children of their unique influences that come from their parents and instead allowing a judge’s biased beliefs to override fit parents. The child is then dependent on the court’s decision and only one of their parental influences. Divorce is not permission to come between a parent and their child. The other parent has no right or claim on the other parent’s time or relationship with that child. In the spirit of Prentice Powell…”ERROR” The system has malfunctioned.

What message is the family court sending to our children?

Thanks again Prentice Powell, for I couldn’t have said it better.