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Ron and Sherry Palmer with Fix Family Courts are helping parents win back the power to shut family courts down from interfering in their relationships with their child. They create materials that help parents fight for the constitutional protections of their fundamental parental rights that are ignored by the family courts and so many family law attorneys on a regular basis. They have developed the most comprehensive, organized, easy to use effective methods and tools. Federal Courts map from expertcop com The purpose of these tools is to reduce the cost and time of litigation by reducing the number of things that need to be fought over in court so that you can spend less time fighting and more time with your child. The most recent development is the release of brand new breakthrough motions that help parents and their attorneys protect and restore their parental equality. This is the first time such a comprehensive approach has existed for fundamental parental rights. The family courts never integrated the constitutional protections required for the rights being addressed in divorce and child custody battles. Ron and Sherry Palmer have created a process that makes the integration of the due process clause of the 14th amendment into the family courts and into every divorce smooth and seamless. Every year, Ron and Sherry produce tools that evolve from their #1 parental rights book, "NOT in The Child's Best Interest." The motions are just the newest tool. These come following the filing of the federal declaratory judgment brief, powerful webinars and online training courses, and the publication of the #1 parental rights book.

Ron and Sherry work with parents and their attorneys. They help them assert and understand these rights. You can contact Ron and Sherry here and have them help you find your PATH to success in the family courts here.

Ron and Sherry hope that these tools help empower you to get one day closer to being reunited with your child and to getting the family courts out of your pocketbook. *Ron and Sherry are not attorneys. Their materials are serving an important public interest with the purpose of educating the public on rights that are not being told to them by trained attorneys. You are to seek an attorney for questions about the law. These materials from Fix Family Courts are intended to help change the laws that they believe are violating the constitution and not intended to teach anyone law.

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Ron speaks at 11 minutes and 44 seconds on the video below.

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Gain leverage you never dreamed was possible…Restore hope and control over your life again. Divorce should not and does not have to mean you lose your rights to your child. Get access to tons of free information and learn more about our in-depth High Performance training for winning* your custody battles when you subscribe today. Get Tools that Work…Family Court Templates for FREE**, Help, and Proven Strategies and Training all from authors who wrote the first comprehensive book on parental rights by non-lawyers.* Get the book, “NOT in The Child’s Best Interest” and see the quality of the arguments you could be using today! (*Results are not guaranteed. **not all templates are free. for educational purposes and not legal purposes.)

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