Child Support Enforcement Defense Motion

What the motions are about

In this one hour and fifty minute video Ron and Sherry discuss the motions, where they came from, and their intended purpose. These are sample motions. They are written in a from that is generally acceptable for filing in Texas. They do NOT have any of the required elements that would make them a legal document to be filed in court. Your attorney will need to add those pieces and to validate the legality of the arguments within the motions.

These motions are written in the form of declaratory motions because every state has some form of procedure for filing declaratory motions and receiving declaratory relief. There may be better mechanisms in your state for requesting answers to pre-trial questions of law which is the basic intent of these motions. The arguments in these motions are easily adaptable to other formats that your attorney may prefer rather than the declaratory relief format.

Further training is being developed and provided through our membership site that will help you understand how the system works now compared to how it is supposed to work under our constitution. We also provide consulting services where we can further discuss these issues with you and even your attorney. We have worked directly with attorneys to make these arguments in different formats more suitable to the court’s traditional approach in those locations. These motions are intended to show you in detail how to make these arguments. There is much more to proving these arguments that would usually be provided in the form of a brief or memorandum. We have created strong support and citation for these arguments and have helped attorneys craft briefs that are unique to individual cases.

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Written by RonBPalmer

Ron has a 25 year history solving complex governance and process problems for the largest companies in the world as a consultant working for some of the largest consulting companies in the world. He has a background in economics, complex systems design, and business operations management. Decades of high level industry consulting skills have been focused on family law for over a decade and Ron has identified the key flaws and devised solutions that you can apply today to help you keep your rights over your child and help ensure that your child never faces the same corrupt system.