Why do you need your rights? Isn’t hiring an attorney enough?

This video is a short animated journey through what it looks like when you only rely on an attorney to decide whether your rights will be protected.

How do you break out of the bad day cycle?

This video will help you make progress.

To use your rights or not use your rights is a dilemma that every parent faces.

This video will help you decide.

Attorneys make up excuses to talk you out of your rights.

This video talks about whether you are entitled to equal time with your child.

This is another lie or myth the family courts have used to cheat your child out of equal time with both fit parents.

This video will give you a quick look at this excuse. 

For more myths and how to break through them check out our green book, NOT in the Child’s Best Interest.

Should your attorney be in charge or you?

This video discusses reason you should take charge.

Parental alienation may have a lot of controversy around it. That is because manipulaton is the oldest behavior and tactic around. It is used in every aspect of life. 

This video shows one of the most common way it is used in family courts to strip a fit, loving, healthy parent from their otherwise close relationships with their children and out of that parent’s life.

This video shows you an example of how alienators use your emotional attachment to your children to devastate you, make you depressed, and benefit from using the children to side with them.

Click in here to watch parental alienation videos.