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Podcast: Ultra Vires Regulation of Domestic Relations – Separation of Powers Doctrine


Ron’s Unauthorized Perspective and Legal Analysis

Why is it so difficult to fight family law corruption? Its because the legislature, the executive, and the judicial branches have conspired to violate the separation of powers doctrine. In joining forces, they are eliminating the essential checks and balances on consolidation of power that help keep our system honest. Their collusion is at the heart of the problem and that collusion, at least in Texas, violates the state’s constitution. I discuss this issue and its implications in the podcast Above.


UPLa is a trademark of Ron B Palmer and Fix Family Courts. It is a spoof on UPL as the Unauthorized Practice of Law and deliberately makes fun of the sham that is state regulation of the legal profession by regulating speech.

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Written by RonBPalmer

Ron has a 25 year history solving complex governance and process problems for the largest companies in the world as a consultant working for some of the largest consulting companies in the world. He has a background in economics, complex systems design, and business operations management. Decades of high level industry consulting skills have been focused on family law for over a decade and Ron has identified the key flaws and devised solutions that you can apply today to help you keep your rights over your child and help ensure that your child never faces the same corrupt system.