The department of justice agrees that parents and children are not being served justice in the family courts, that parents should not be put into debtor’s prisons, that unlawful and harmful practices were taking place, and that their constitutional rights are being violated. They suggested that family law reform take place. While this letter provides “greater clarity to state and local courts regarding their legal obligations with respect to fines and fees” they did not provide guidance regarding their legal obligations with respect to your fundamental parental rights and your child’s rights.

This letter comes right on the brink of Ron and Sherry Palmer awaiting a ruling on the federal lawsuit regarding these fundamental rights and on the release of new breakthrough motions to help you make these same arguments right now in your trial courts. Many appellate court opinions state that the reason that they cannot rule on these rights is because they are not being raised in the trial courts.

Ron and Sherry Palmer have made it one of their main focuses to stop family courts from abusing parents and their children after the family courts hurt their family and children. They discovered that everyone who worked in the family court process ignored the constitution and all of the protections that the constitution provides people faced with the threat of abuse of power. The AG’s most recent letter to the courts not only exposed this truth but also demands that the family courts adopt some best practices and clean up their act! The only problems is that this AG letter only addresses fines and fees. Just as the AG’s letter states that the required guiding principles that they list for the court’s to follow are grounded in “the rights to due process and equal protection,” so too are the materials that the Palmers have been producing since 2013 here at

Following the Palmer’s #1 parental rights book, “NOT in The Child’s Best Interest” published in May of 2013 now comes the breakthrough series of Motions and Petition arguments that bring overdue clarity regarding the state and local courts regarding their legal obligations with respect to your fundamental constitutionally protected parental rights and child’s rights. The AG agrees that “constitutional principles” are relevant in family courts. And that parents have “rights to due process and equal protection.” These motions show you how to demand specific protection of your specific rights to proper due process and equal protection.

Family court practices threaten yours and your child’s health and well being. You will want these arguments to protect yourself and your family from these harmful practices going unchallenged. We all know what you get today when you don’t challenge unrestrained power in these courts: bankruptcy, financial rape, debtor’s prisons, parental alienation, mental anguish, loss of rights, and children being used for money! TAKE ME TO THESE MOTIONS.

These motions that are available to help you fight this now are:

  1. Equal Protection Motion
  2. Due Process: Substantive Rights Motion
  3. Due Process: Procedural Protection Motion
  4. Petition add ins

The Attorney General published the following guidelines for protecting individuals from illegal practices regarding collection of alimony and child support:

“To help judicial actors protect individuals’ rights and avoid unnecessary harm, we discuss below a set of basic constitutional principles relevant to the enforcement of fines and fees. These principles, grounded in the rights to due process and equal protection, require the following: (1) Courts must not incarcerate a person for nonpayment of fines or fees without first conducting an indigency determination and establishing that the failure to pay was willful; (2) Courts must consider alternatives to incarceration for indigent defendants unable to pay fines and fees; (3) Courts must not condition access to a judicial hearing on the prepayment of fines or fees; (4) Courts must provide meaningful notice and, in appropriate cases, counsel, when enforcing fines and fees; (5) Courts must not use arrest warrants or license suspensions as a means of coercing the payment of court debt when individuals have not been afforded constitutionally adequate procedural protections; (6) Courts must not employ bail or bond practices that cause indigent defendants to remain incarcerated solely because they cannot afford to pay for their release; and (7) Courts must safeguard against unconstitutional practices by court staff and private contractors.”

The Motions and Petition add in arguments help you fight having these orders made in the first place. The solution, according to the Palmers, is not in just correcting the enforcement practices with the fines and fees, but in correcting the abuse of power and abuse of discretion practices that are allowing the courts to make the unjust orders in the first place. That is what these motions offer you. TAKE ME TO THE MOTION PAGE.

The Palmers also have free webinars to help you get started with understanding how these motions help you. And if you need more help from there, they have paid webinars that provide you with online class-like instruction to help you understand how to argue these motions orally and to defend these filings.

Click here to get the DOJ letter to the courts.


DISCLAIMER: We are not attorneys and we do not practice law. Please seek the assistance of an attorney to help you use these motions and petitions.

    10 replies to "U. S. Attorney General Agrees that Parents Are Not Being Treated Right in Family Courts"

    • Ken Bardonner

      People I talk to are truly shocked at what the courts are doing.

      It is an evil system with evil consequences.

      Harm to the family is inevitable.

    • Cathy Sabol

      It’s too late for us, we will grieve for years.

    • Tasha

      I have had my life taken. Been abused bye my ex with the courts help. My childern are suffering. As noone has yet to speak with them. They will not give me the rights I truly believe that every parent deserve to have. I have been striped of all my parental rights over false accusations of my ex. Do to him having a lawyer an I didn’t.

    • Stephanie McNabb

      I wasn’t treated fairly in my parish at my court hearings. I would like to know my options after losing custody and my 3 children and they were adopted out. Thank you

    • Leslie

      I need help filing these motions. I have not seen my children since 2013. I was married to a cheater who replaced me with his mistress. He seriously abused me and my children. I fight for breath every day. I pray. I am patient. I want to claw at the walls that keep me from nurturing my little ones, but I work within the system bc I am a small and simple woman, yet to harness greater strength. I am getting my Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration Information Technology. I have been robbed of everything in my custody dispute. People still try to destroy me. Yet, I believe in Christian victory. Ty.

    • Cleave Rengo

      WE WANT OUR THREE BABIES BACK NOW !!! We have been and are still being VIOLATED !$!$ This past year and a half has been devastating !$!$
      RETURN Levi, Daniel and his Home-birthed twin sister Mornakai Rengo from fo$ter captivity in. Bellingham Washington Whatcom county NOW !$!$
      $ervant$ have made over two million dollar$ off of my Children. Their Health has been damaged while in $tate capture !$!$. This must stop NOW for our Family and thousands of other hurt Families !!! $$$ !!!

    • Deb

      My oldest son was taken under false pretences and handed to our abusers he spoke up against by cps during an active ofp he was not to be with them. Because of such police closed case of pedophilia without investigation, officials were paid by my ex husbands family and associates, my son and I have been threatened and raped and beaten and stalked, false statements were made to prevent allowing me to submit evidence, even outside addicts we had nothing to do with were paid to submit to supena and coached what to say on witness stand, evidence has been stolen from me and even destroyed in court and judge Aldrich of hennepin county would always look over and ask it be stricken from record, case was illegally heard in non original county of venue where it remains trapped to this day, getting new evidence legally is impossible due to my ex disappearing nearly 2 years ago against court order and not even police will check on my son Jimmy as they are bias and I have been falsely accused of things by fake paperwork my exes lawyer made via my ex mother in law to paint me as some sort of crazy person though I have official paperwork to prove the truth I have been refused to submit anything or say anything without asking my exes permission like a slave and have basically been court ordered to live in abuse, being controlled against my will. My public defender in a cps case forced me to sign and initial each page of a court order my exes lawyer wanted telling me not to read and ‘sign or she would help them make sure I never a aww w or heard from my son again’ I tried saying “no” to the judge when asked about it but was silence by the ‘you will be punished if you speak signal from my ex husband and the scary gasp my public defender let out. I am in legal hiding to try and protect my younger 2 children as my ex has stated in past prank calls that he wants them for revenge because I refuse to shut up about the abuse and rape and he will continue to “condition Jimmy for the future” sexually for what they call “swingers parties” but some have been forced there. I do not today know where those are held though. My ex husband makes and keeps child porn hidden in most of not all of his devices and in fact I have tried to submit our marital computer that he erased evidence from into evidence for processing and have been refused being told even though he is clearly in at least one video that I will be arrested and charges instead. I want my son home finally and justice! We have suffered long enough and have been trying to get out for over 7 years now. Please help!I apologize this is worded so badly but there is just so much and it is so complicated and corrupt of a case that cps and my ex husband even had me convinced myself at times it wasn’t happening. I was programmed and brainwashed.

    • Andreas Maass

      It’s been my experience, when referencing the, “Dear Colleague letter”, that state judges will say, “this is so and so state” and that it does not apply, when there is a clear case law to the contrary.
      State’s laws are the problem, and we have a weak DOJ attorney general that will not correct lower courts. Instead Loretta Lynch insists sending out “dear colleague letters” to placate advocates. Loretta Lynch must recuse herself for changing the law ahead of a presidential election to support a feminist agenda. Lynch must be removed for supporting an all female team of DOJ attorney’s and administrators which is a violation of EEOC rules and sets the example for courts to operate the same way. Lynch must be removed for not taking the US Constitution serious, and allowing our veterans to swear to an Oath that is not protected. Attorney General, we appreciate that you are the first female AG but, your policies are not consistent with the US Constitution, and you must step down.

      The American People

    • Jane Pfender

      I could use some of your experience and motions. Also, I could use your help against due process and other laws that can be broken. I am fighting against aTPR.

    • Andre

      The DOJ Dear Colleague letter was not an affirmation of anything. If anything they failed to explain precedents, so that these cases could be properly applied. Instead the letter becomes a series of limits to local courts that cannot be applied unless you are in federal court. This letter is not an agreement of any kind from the DOJ. It is more like casting shadows however.

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