Every element of your Texas Anti-Abortion Act that gets overturned at the federal level is precedent we will use to destroy the Texas Family Code and its abolutely unconstitutional destruction of families and children’s lives.

The abortion law authorizes a private civil right of action that, as the federal judge put it, undermines the constitution, as there is no state agent to sue, or is there? First, let me explain, private individuals can violate your rights all day long. It’s the state that creates laws that make certain violations illegal.

Please number the ways the anti-abortion law creates the unconstitutional actions:

We wrote a book that shows how parents can be sued in federal court as state actors for using the state legal system to deprive the other parent and the child of their constitutional rights to each other. The Pro-Choice attorneys are far better than any family law attorney out there and far more motivated to push the constitutional issues. Just as soon as a federal court holds that the private party suing the woman who gets an abortion becomes a state actor when they seek to enforce state laws on behalf of the state. This means they can be sued for damages in federal court and that federal court will not care one bit about whether a state law immunizes that party from damages because state legislatures cannot immunize anyone from federal law. 

Ron B Palmer foreshadowed the state of Texas making the critical mistake they just made in S.B. 8

Texas Abortion Law

The Fifth Circuit has already held that state court judges are required to properly adjudicate the federal questions which we have been saying for years. Now we have a directly on point holding specific to state court judges in a nearly identical context. The fall out from that can only help us.

Texas S.B.8 is exactly what we have been hoping for and pushing for. We aren’t sure if they got the idea from us or they came up with it on their but one thing is for absolute certain, the federal courts will address the abortion issues even as they leave The federal courts will protect a woman’s right to kill a but they won’t lift a finger to protect living children in divorce. Shame on the federal courts.

I want to give a great big thank you to state Senator Bryan Hughes for introducing the bill that turned into the Texas Heartbeat Act, S.B.8. You Senator Hughes have done far more for the constitutional rights of fit parents in divorce than you are likely to ever know. Every element of your Texas Anti-Abortion Act that gets overturned at the federal level is precedent we will use to destroy the Texas Family Code and its absolutely unconstitutional destruction of families and children’s lives.

We are going to cover the law and the legal proceedings around it in much more detail and demonstrate to you how what we have been saying for years is actually the law. You can be confident that Fix Family Courts will leverage every single element of this anti-abortion law to help actual living children that the Honorable Senator Hughes seems to care little about.

Watch as what we have been saying and writing for years gets proven to be true in a federal court because the federal courts and federal judges care more about protecting a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy than they care about protecting the constitutional rights of actual living children. When this is over, they will no longer be able to ignore our arguments.  

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