Motion: Declaratory Relief and Equal Rights

This motion shows you how to demand that the court recognize your rights and your child's rights to equal protection under the law. You as a fit parent must be treated the same as all other fit parents. The family courts will treat you like a second-class citizen and will label you as nothing more than a conservator or a possessory parent if you do not use this motion. it is your rights that protect you and your child. Your child must not be denied rights based on parent's marital status. Yet the court will do so if not forced to address these issues prior to trial.

Save money, time, and years of stress and fear by finding out where your court stands in this process now.

In this Motion You Will Discover...

  • How to ask for a Declaration of Equal Rights

    Did you know that you can ask your court to declare what your equal-protection rights are before the court holds hearings to deprive you of those rights? In this motion you will learn how properly ask a state court to declare your equal-protection rights and your child’s equal-protection rights.

  • Only Two Classifications: Fit and UnFit

    Family law courts have fooled you into thinking that you can be treated differently because you were never married or you are divorced. They are violating your rights when they do this. Learn how to stop them and demand equal treatment to married parents.

  • State May NOT Punish Child for Sins of Parents

    Your child has rights to have two full and equal parents in their lives just as any child of married parents. The state is not allowed to provide less protection for the rights of children whose parents were never married or who have divorced. Protect your child’s rights today.

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