MOTION: Declaratory Relief and Substantive Rights

This motion shows you how to demand that the court recognize your fundamental family rights and your child's family rights and uses your state statutes (where applicable) to require the judge to commit these rights to writing in an order.

Use this motion or lose your right to support your child directly. Use this motion to question the court's authority to impose child support on you. Use this motion to question the court's authority to invade your decisions on what is best for your child. Take control back from the family court.

In this Motion You Will Discover...

  • How to ask for a Declaration of Rights

    Did you know that you can ask your court to declare what your rights are before the court holds hearings to deprive you of those rights? In this motion you will learn how properly ask a state court to declare your substantive parental rights and your child’s substantive rights.

  • Freedom of Association

    In this motion you will learn how your parental rights come from your freedom of association protected by the 1st Amendment. You will learn how to argue that these rights receive the highest level of protection afforded any rights. You will see why it is vital to argue your 1st Amendment rights when arguing for custody rights.

  • Freedom from Unreasonable Seizure

    You will learn how your parent-child association creates a zone of privacy protected from interference by the 4th Amendment. You will also learn how to argue against any interference with this association. The 4th Amendment also protects your money from seizure, even from child-support awards. If you argue this properly, you may be able to block them from taking your money, if you support your child directly.

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