Motion: Declaratory Relief and Proper Procedure

This motion shows you how to demand that the court recognize the constitutional guarantees that must be provided by the court before your rights may be infringed. Your rights must be protected at the strictest constitutional scrutiny and this motion demands it.

This motion could save you thousands of dollars and years of heartache, pain, and delays. A senior attorney might cost $400-$600 an hour. Get this motion for less than a fraction of the cost of one hour of attorney time.

In this Motion You Will...

  • Save Money

    This motion allows you to question the court skipping procedures that protect you and your child. Without this motion, the court will proceed without applying the proper procedure to protect you and your child from manifest injustice. The court can only invade your private life and make you qualify to be a parent even when you are fit by using an improper process.

  • Prevent Delays and Injustice

    This motion demands that error-reducing tests be implemented in your case to prevent the injustices that occur when tests are not used. The judge, attorneys, and the so-called experts or investigators that the court appoints will use their own personal biases, beliefs, and apply their values to you and your life if you do not insist on using error-reducing tests.

  • Empower and Protect

    This motion helps you prove to the court and your attorney that the constitution does apply in your case. This motion uses your rights to empower you to protect yourself and your child from the court’s abuse of power and illegal use of authority.

Your motion will be available for instant download after payment