Groundbreaking Book Reveals: What your family law judge doesn't want you to know....

Knowledge is power...  Don't let them take your child because you didn't know!

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In this Book You Will Discover...

  • The Source of Parental Rights

    Your parental rights don’t come from the marriage. They come from the relationship you establish individually with each child. The rights are individual.

  • Strong Constitutional Protections

    The Constitution actually provides very strong protections for your rights if you understand how to argue them. Family Law Courts have twisted and perverted the law for a very long time. That’s how they get away with it. You can stop them. Your attorney will never tell you what is in this book.

  • No Discrimination Based on Marital Status

    The equal protection clause, while not the source of equal possession time, is a strong defense against you being treated differently as a parent simply because you are never married the other parent or simply because you divorced the other parent. Social indoctrination makes these simple ideas difficult to realize. Divorce is not a reason to lose your child.

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WOW!! I got this book and within the first few chapter's my heart was leaping out of my chest at the new hope I was feeling

Tina Viera

This is the most comprehensive collection of information that I have been able to find on the subject of protecting your rights in divorce.

Caroline Spencer

A " Must read" revolutionary tactic and a clever and neat strategy to fight those ruthless CPS agencies and put those corrupt judges in a place where their very own position is under question.

Safa Noori
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