Child Custody Strategy Foundations Class, Motions, and Membership Complete Package


This is it! This is all you should need. This complete package deal takes the guesswork out of how to adapt your rights to your child custody lawsuit. We crafted this package because parents and children are being denied these protections and needed a little more than just words on paper.

This is it! This is all you should need. This complete package deal takes the guesswork out of how to adapt your rights to your child custody lawsuit. We crafted this package because parents and children are being denied these protections.

The other problem this package solves is not knowing how or when to use your rights to get the protection you deserve. Every state is required to follow the constitution but because their processes are still stuck in a 19th century ideology regarding the source of parental rights being the marriage, it is not part of the process they use.

To fix this, we created an online class to teach you the proper process so you can integrate your parental rights into their improper process and force them to bring their processes into the 21st century. While there are no guarantees that you will win equal custody. There is a guarantee you can count on. If you do not use your rights you will not get the protections that you are guaranteed by the constitution. If you don't start doing family court differently, you will continue to get the same bad results. You want better results and you want justice, and you want your time and rights to your child protected. Then you have to be proactive and take charge. Learn how to kick the family court judge out of your life and leave your ex and their narcissistic control issues behind.

Running to a judge as a victim will get you trapped in the system. Learning your rights and how to use them will give you the freedom to make your own choices and live the life you choose.

Get the class for free when you purchase this package. Get one year of membership and access to the new motions as we develop them. Get live Q&A, and resources to guide you through the family court process. Your attorney is not protecting these rights and probably isn’t even telling you about them. Learn what you need to know to protect yourself, your finances, and your child in a broken system.

70% of parents are pro se—because the process is driving parents bankrupt and they can’t continue to pay an attorney for a never ending battle. Before you get that way or if you are getting close, get this package and save. Don’t fall prey to the never ending custody war where you and your child are collateral damage.

We highly recommend that you check out this package before getting any other. Don’t just piecemeal your case together, comprehensively learn how to be successful. Learn how your rights protect your children.

Train like your life depends on it, like your child’s life depends upon it. You trained to become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, engineer, electrician, etc. and how to fulfill the requirements for your field. This is no different. If you want to be in control, take charge, and live a charged life, you have to take responsibility here as well. Continuing education is offered in this class, giving you a platform for the continuous learning you’ll need to carry you through the entire family law process. We provide a place to get your questions answered before you suffer the legal abuse, before you lose your child in family court, before you lose your rights, before you lose your time with your child, and before you lose your freedom to choose how you want to live your life.

You don’t want to go through your child custody suit without the motions package, the master class, and the online membership for your continuous learning and ongoing support. This package contains a comprehensive motions package that includes the GAL motion and the Ability to Pay Child Support motion for you to take to your attorney and have them apply their state specific legal skill to customize these powerful arguments for your case. Don't let another day go by in your child custody suit without learning these powerful arguments that protect your right to your child, your legal custody, your physical custody, and the right not to be labeled a non-custodial parent or a conservator.

Many of the motions are designed to be filed jointly and each contains valuable information that will help you better understand how to protect your rights and win child custody. Not all of them need to be filed in your case, but every one of these motions provides valuable learning materials for you and for your attorney. No more worries about piecing them together. Get what you need to build a solid foundation, build a winning argument, build the case that your rights protect you from legal abuse and state family court schemes designed to limit your time with your child and your rights that protect your lawful choices.

What are you waiting for? The longer you stay in court, the more you pay. Start designing your life by getting your blueprint here today. Pro se parents have found it easier to find better attorneys to help them, easier to guide their case, and easier to understand the family court process, and easier to navigate the family courts process once they get this motions package, take this online course, and implement the strategies that include constitutional protections that family courts traditionally ignore.

Because we want you to have the benefit of all of this valuable information, we offer this package at a considerable discount over purchasing each part of this package individually.

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