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Having the right information about the legal process, at the right time, in a clear and simple way, makes all the difference in the world. The more you know about how the courts work and how to manage your case, the better off you will be.

The Center for Legal Knowledge is a repository of breakthrough, cutting edge information to help you present your case better and fight to get better outcomes that you can live with.

Our videos take the guesswork out of the legal process, provide you with information your attorney isn’t telling you, in clear, plain language, that empowers you to make confident and informed decisions. We have handpicked these videos specifically to help you get the best possible outcome in your family law case.

You can use this page as a quick reference to guide you through the family law process and help you navigate the legal system. Start here before you spend more money on an attorney. And if you must proceed pro se, you can find the resources you need in this video library.

DISCLAIMER: We are not a substitute for an attorney, do not practice law, and are not trained in the law. Even if we present videos from attorneys, watching the video does not create an attorney-client relationship. These videos are intended to be used as a supplement to your attorney’s legal advice. If any statement or information contained n our videos is different from what your local counsel has said, it is up to you to verify what is correct for your situation. Assist your attorney with the arguments that you believe apply to you but are not being used. Ultimately it is up to you what you decide to use or not use. If it is a legal technical issue, follow your attorney’s advice. If it is related to rights that you believe apply to you, it is ultimately up to you. When you retain an attorney, that attorney gets to decide what they use or don’t use. If you cannot find an attorney to argue the rights you believe apply to you and are going to handle your case pro se, if possible, try and have an attorney that you can consult with. Ask for unbundled services. No matter what you decide, You are responsible to check all information and decide what is or isn’t appropriate for your case regardless of who presents it in the videos that we share. You are responsible for your results. We are not liable for anything you use here. Check anything before you use it for accuracy, relevance, and whether it is legally binding.

If you have any questions about our videos, need help to find a video topic you need, or are an expert and would like to appear on our channel or need someone to produce your content into a video course, or turn your presentation into a CLE, CME, or CE presentation for you, send us a request.


The Center for Legal Knowledge is here to help you with your family law matters in divorce, child custody, paternity, child support, separation, strained marriage, and other related areas. Breakthrough and cutting edge ways to achieve what the attorneys are telling you isn’t achievable. That’s what they told Alice Paul when she fought for women’s rights. She won and you can win too.

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Truth Bomb 1

First Amendment

Learn your First Amendment rights information and more.

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Child Custody

Learn how your rights protect the custody of your child.

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Court Process

Learn your First Amendment rights information and more.

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Parental Alienation

Learn what it is and how to manage your case when you are being alienated.

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High Conflict

Learn some different ways of dealing with a difficult ex.

daycare at home while working


Get this information before you mediate.

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Child Support

Get all the information about what child support really is.

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Equal Parenting

How do you fight for equal parenting?