Child Support Enforcement Defense Motion


In Chapter 5 Sec. 151.003 of the Texas Family Code, the legislatures passed that it is every parent’s individual “fundamental right and duty…to direct the upbringing” of your child. Sec. 151.003 might be addressing LIMITATION ON STATE AGENCY ACTION, but that doesn’t change that this is their finding and it passed, signed and sealed. Since “A state agency may not adopt rules or policies or take any other action that violates the fundamental right and duty of a parent to direct the upbringing of the parent’s child.”

If it is the other parent that is attacking your rights, ignore that this is addressed to state agencies. The important part that is that the legislators recognize that you have “fundamental parental rights.” And with this admittance, they are now bound to the limitations placed on them by the U.S. Constitution and the due process required before interfering with a fundamental right. This also binds judges. It is the type of right that guides a judge on what protections and process is required under the law before depriving you of that right. And the other biological parent doesn’t get any special privilege to violate your right anymore than any one else. The judge works for the state and the state is not allowed to make your rights hollow, not even at the request of another biological parent.

There is power in knowing your rights. Judges are not the only ones with power. :O)

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Written by Sherry Palmer

As a constitutional family rights expert researcher and writer, Sherry helps parents and their attorneys see the possibilities in making constitutional arguments for parental rights as being in the child’s best interests. She enables parents and attorneys to assert rights and convert the constitutional principles into everyday practice and natural language. Sherry does this through creating and teaching online digital courses, speaking, webinars, and workshops. Sherry’s teachings are unique and cutting edge to the family law industry developed by her and her husband. Sherry attributes successfully developing the most powerful tools and a five-stage formula to assist attorneys and pro se parents get better results and fight legal abuses that occur in the family court settings.