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We have comprehensive federal research and significant state research. We have well-developed and fully cited argument that will help you hit the ground running in defending your client's constitutional rights in your family law case. You know there are significant problems in family law, we expose the root cause of these problems and provide solutions you can use in court this afternoon.

If you aren't using these arguments, or at least discussing these arguments with your client, you are NOT performing your due diligence in protecting your client's rights.

Motion Pre-Trial Framing
Motion in Defense of Enforcement - Ability to Pay. - child support
Motion Declaratory Relief Substantive Rights
Motion Declaratory Relief Procedural Rights
Motion Declaratory Relief Equal Protection
Motion in Lemine

Court Opinions

This page contains links to important court opinions and pages discussing those court orders. Expect this page to start small and grow continuously as we go thorough our research database and painstakingly make that research available to you in a format that will hopefully make it easy for you to follow along with the court and to recognize which points are vital and why.

Conclusion of Court Opinions

As we said above. This court opinions page is starting out small but will grow rapidly.