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We have comprehensive federal research and significant state research. We have well-developed and fully cited argument that will help you hit the ground running in defending your client's constitutional rights in your family law case. You know there are significant problems in family law, we expose the root cause of these problems and provide solutions you can use in court this afternoon.

If you aren't using these arguments, or at least discussing these arguments with your client, you are NOT performing your due diligence in protecting your client's rights.

Motion Pre-Trial Framing
Motion in Defense of Enforcement - Ability to Pay. - child support
Motion Declaratory Relief Substantive Rights
Motion Declaratory Relief Procedural Rights
Motion Declaratory Relief Equal Protection
Motion in Lemine


The Palmer Systems Approach is a best practice methodology applied to American Law with the initial primary focus on Family Law. This is a culmination of over a decade of intense work and much practical application helping parents defend themselves against the antiquated and overturned Nineteenth Century legal theories and beliefs that still underpin and are still practiced in American Family Law in the year two-thousand and twenty-two.

Ron B Palmer established a career in the world’s largest technology and consulting companies teaching global businesses how to design, implement, and operate complex business systems to manage their multi-billion-dollar technology investments. Best practices are essential to industry in managing infrastructure of this magnitude. Systems concepts and mechanisms for managing complexity are essential to this effort.

During his career, Ron worked with the international accrediting bodies who provide the best practice frameworks and was deeply involved with developing the framework over time.

Also, during this time, Ron experienced a divorce at about the same time his business partner experienced her divorce. In sharing resources to fight these battles and in jointly raising our children together we found it essential to marry in order to have more control over our lives. Since that time, Ron and Sherry have been, researching constitutional and family law, seeking to understand why the current system was completely ignoring the constitutional rights of parents and of children. We learned a great deal and began helping other parents and their attorneys navigate this difficult system. We have experienced almost every conceivable unlawful method that family courts use to trick and confuse parents into giving up on fighting for their rights and we have developed appropriate responses to hold these judges accountable.

We have reached a point of comprehensive understanding and documentation of all the many pieces that make up this complex puzzle which allows us to begin organizing this material into a best practices framework very similar to those used in industry to manage complex organizations and infrastructure including legal compliance, policy creation, process management, and task management on a global scale. The basic structures, approaches, and tools work equally as well in law as they do in industry and we hope to transform the practice of law by legal professionals and the understanding of law by everyday people by establishing this best practice repository.

If this system is going to change to the degree it needs to change to catch up to 21st Century practices in every other area of law, what we do at Constitutional Scholars Inc., at Fix Family Courts, at Family Law Reform Inc, and at the National Family Law Policy Center must be duplicatable by average practitioners and by average parents. Best Practice Frameworks and formal methodologies are great tools to accomplish this duplication goal.

We begin this organization in December 2021 and will be dedicating considerable time and effort into completing this massive body of work as quickly as possible. Much of the framework’ basic information and basic approaches will be available for everyone. However, in order to fund this massive undertaking, many of the specific proofs and legal citations will be available to our community of members.

While in its infancy, this framework will be developed under the FixFamilyCourts.com website and utilize the membership tools we developed there. Anyone who purchases a Gold Level Membership at FixFamilyCourts.com will have access to the full framework content as well as the Membership level content currently existing under Fix Family Courts.

Member level content will appear both in pages written specifically for Members and inline in the common pages but exposed only when a Member is logged into the system.

We are open to working with collaborators and will likely establish a separate business or even a non-profit organization to carry the framework into the future, be we have to build it first. If you would like to help, purchase a membership for yourself and/or for others. If you want to help more than that, contact us directly through FixFamilyCourts.com/contact/

Divorce and Child Custody

Our body of constitution work began life as a means of bringing American family law into the 21st century. Every constitutional concept we discuss that has relevance to the practice of family law will have discussion in family law terms and will be expressed relative to how it should be used as a basis for best practices in family law under the core terms of Divorce and Child Custody. The Palmer Approach to Best Practices in American Law began life as the Palmer Approach to Best Practices in Family Law.

As we enlarge our body of Best Practices in American Law, we will provide best practices on constitutional law in areas that are not directly relevant to improving family law and we will be providing best practice guidance towards achieving other important freedom enhancing purposes. As you read, it is important to separate the underlying principles of law from their best practice application towards any particular goal such as improving the practice of family law. We will be working towards clarifying these distinctions in our body of work as we expand.