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Interview of Sherry Palmer by Ted Fogg with RFIR Radio and Million Parent March

California, Washington State, and Texas family court and legislation discussed during this interview with Sherry Palmer, Michael Ferrini, Ted Fogg, and Johnny Panko. We talk with Michael Ferrini about how children are actually harmed by the state ignoring proper procedure necessary allegations in order to properly protect the children.

Michael worked as a probation officer, assigned to juvenile court and assigned on a task force that focused on domestic violence, abuse in the home, and high risk cases that they were managing within the juvenile dependency court. That is the welfare court in California. And then Michael went to work for family court for about five to six years in Sacramento. He was laid off after that because of the budget cuts.

Sherry also discusses HB 1899 a Texas Homeschoolers bill being pushed through the legislator in Texas and how this bill continues to legislate the acceptance of discrimination of parent versus parent. Sherry and Tedd discuss these issues and the opportunities that parents have with amending these bills.

And Sherry discusses how Washington State has had an equal parenting bill since 2002 yet parents are still having to fight for their parenting time.

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Written by Sherry Palmer

As a constitutional family rights expert researcher and writer, Sherry helps parents and their attorneys see the possibilities in making constitutional arguments for parental rights as being in the child’s best interests. She enables parents and attorneys to assert rights and convert the constitutional principles into everyday practice and natural language. Sherry does this through creating and teaching online digital courses, speaking, webinars, and workshops. Sherry’s teachings are unique and cutting edge to the family law industry developed by her and her husband. Sherry attributes successfully developing the most powerful tools and a five-stage formula to assist attorneys and pro se parents get better results and fight legal abuses that occur in the family court settings.