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Simplify Your Case and Win

What are you waiting for? The longer you take to get started, the more time you will lose with your child. You know you are not dealing with a fair process. You know you need a game plan to navigate this corrupt system. Doing things the way they have always been done is going to get you the same results others always got, every other weekend and child support.

Change your path! Win more time to be a parent! Spend your own money on your own child in a way that best supports your values and beliefs, not the judge's values and beliefs. Start that journey today with our motions package.

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Divorce & Child Custody Solutions to Protect you and to Protect your Child

If you are going through a divorce & child custody suit and are being told that you are going to have to spend thousands of dollars and prove you are the better parent, and you want a better way with less expense, we can help you.

Our groundbreaking books, 24/7 on-demand online digital courses, motions sample arguments you won’t find anywhere else, will help you close the loopholes the family law system uses to steal your child and order child support and alimony. We help you identify the pitfalls in your pleadings, and help you put it all in language your attorney will understand. We can help you fine-tune your skills and work better with your legal team. You won’t find this anywhere else.

Save thousands of dollars and precious time

Simplify your case. Achieve better outcomes. Protect your right to equal time, equal rights, and freedom from having to live your life based on the decisions and patterns you set in your marriage or relationship. We created this comprehensive package to hhelp you jump right to the core issues that protect you from your ex using the judge to interfere with your fundamental right to decide how you choose to raise your child that is not dependent on whether you work with or get along with your ex. This package will help you insist that the judge apply the due process protections that you are entitled to. This is your shortcut. You don’t have time to waste. This package will provide you with te framing, guidance, and support that you cannot afford to be without!

  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Joint Custody Parenting Guidelines
  • Get Parental Rights Protections for Divorce, for single parents, and for Paternity Child Custody suits, 50 50 custody agreement
  • Learn how to protect your right to decide Best Interest of the Child
  • Pro se help with Telephone Support
  • Learn Litigation Strategies that can Save you Thousands of Dollars and Precious Time
  • Motions / Pleadings Samples
    Training Videos, Webinars, Books
  • Avoid Discovery Pitfalls – Protect Your Assets
  • Fight and Modify Child Support
  • Fight Alimony / Spousal Maintenance
  • Tons of Free Information for Family Law Parental Rights
  • Child Custody Lawyer Assistance
  • Level the playing field in Mediation
  • Modification strategies and Divorce Appeal
  • Parenting Plan Calendar Samples
  • Learn what Attorneys are not telling YOU about separated parents rights

Comprehensive Packages

As a busy professionals pressed for time, with significant assets to protect, you don’t want your carreer and the protection of your assets to be used against you in the custody of your child. We offer comprehensive packages designed to maximize outcomes while respecting your valuable time. We recognize that conveying your values to your child, your way, is of vital importance to you. We agree that your rights do not, and cannot, depend upon your performing every routine child-care task yourself. Your child-care choices are yours to make, not the governments. We protect that rights. We protect your right to teach your child how to be successful in life, your way, without losing what is most important to you. The government cannot force you to choose between your career and your child simply because you get divorced. Let us help you win the child custody battle.


Through a monthly subscription model we are able to provide a wealth of content to many people at a reasonable monthly fee. We provide much of our training and our published books through this site. We provide rough edit book content as each section of a new book is completed. You get the content before the books get published and you get access to the final published versions. This material is always at your fingertips anywhere you have an Internet connection. Take it with you everywhere.


Even the well-off can be quickly financially devistated by the family law system. While we do this work full-time and must earn a living, we also strive to give back. If you are willing to put in the work necessary, we are prepared to connect you with the resources and the general knowledge that we struggled to find when we were going through this process. Through our free materials, we attempt to guide parents to free resources that simply were not available to us when we went through this.


We know that not everyone can afford comprehensive packages. We certainly couldn’t when we went through it. We offer one-on-one assistance to you and your attorney at hourly rates. We can answer you questions and provide assistance in customizing any of our standard offerings through one-on-one educational assistance which gives you confidence that you can manage this through your attorney or even pro se. Our goal is to provide for you the kind of educational assistance that did not exist when we went through our divorces Win Child Custody Products and Services child-custody battles. We won the child-custody battle and want to help you win child custody.

Solutions From Fix Family Courts

Now you have The ultimate source for solutions to protect your rights to your children

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This wild journey started for us with a book we wrote after we each won our child custody battles in the most contentious contests our county had ever seen. 

We expected to write this single book and move on with our lives but that was not to be. Our first book changed our lives forever and it can change yours too. 

If you are a book person, follow our journey as we learned to defeat a corrupt family law system, then emerse yourself in the valuable lessons we write about in our other books. 

We struggled with no support and very little information to guide us but we ultimately won. You don’t have to struggle nearly so much, if you take advantage of what our books have to offer you. 

Give yourself the advantage that only our books can provide. 

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Everyone needs a coach at some point in their lives. When times are difficult, it is reassuring to have someone to turn to who has the answers only experience and expertise can provide. 

You don’t have to go this alone. We will stand with you as this corrupt system does its utmost to tear you down and destroy you.

The real enemy is NOT who you think it is and that real enemy will destroy your life and your child’s life if you let them.

You need to be at your best to protect your child. You need to have your emotions under control and you need to be armed with the vital information that will help you win. 

We want to help parents win bcause nobody helped us. We stood alone and won but you don’t have to stand alone.  

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Whichever side frames the case best wins. How are you framing your case? Are you framing your case?

If you ask the court to pick a winner and a loser based on the court’s own biases the court will definately pick a loser. Do you want to risk everything on your judge’s personal biases?

Your judge swore an oath to perform a duty by following a specific set of rules. Child custody judges violate this oath every single day because parents don’t frame their cases with this oath and the rules the judge swore to follow.

Tell your judge to honor his oath and follow the rules. Our sample motions show you how. Give us a chance to prove our credibility to you.

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Wow! Following the rules in family law is a completely new and foreign approach. Where does your attorney get the help he needs to win with this approach?

We offer a full range of support for attorneys from providing the core information to sitting at the table and handing you exactly what you need exactly when you need it.

Family law can only move into the 21st Century when attorneys decide to move it there. We can’t do this on our own, we need attorneys to get on board and move the needle. 

If you are an attorney for the 21st Century then we have what you need to succeed. 

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Your child needs you now more than ever to be prepared to protect them from a government that cannot care about them, that will treat them as a number, and that will give them a one size fits all solution that causes more harm than good.

How do you protect your child from a judge who suffers no consequences for hurting your child, who doesn’t know your child, and who sees your child as just another in a long line of never ending others? You let us show you a better way. You let us help you understand the truth about this system so you can use our solutions to protect your child from its harms.

We provide a significant collection of resources but more importantly, we provide the help you need to to not feel lost and helpless against an all powerful judge who doesn’t care anything about you or your child.

Knowledge is power! Have you developed the power you need to protect your child?

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Strategy is the difference between being an active parent in your child’s life or being that guy she sees every other weekend and the guy who pays for all her stuff.

If every other weekend and child-support is devastating for you, then you better go into this with a solid strategy to win. Put your ex on the defensive. Put the judge on the defensive. Take control of your situation.

Please do not just show up in court hoping for the best and get screwed out of what is most dear and important in your life. You must approach this with a strategy for success or you will be screwed. There is just no other way to say it.

Let us help you craft a customized strategy that is uniquely designed to achieve your goals and to protect against a judge who just doesn’t care about you or your child. You are just another in a long line of anothers, unless you stand out through your strategy.

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Topic Webinars

Our webinars are delivered live with an audience and recorded for your convenience. This less formal setting helps you get to know us and you also get the benefit of hearing the questions others have. Benefit from others experience and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes. Preserve your resources for the things that will help you win custody of your child and restore yours and your child’s rights.

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Topic Videos

Being prepared gives you an edge. Our specially prepared videos give you confidence in knowing the process and issues that you will face before you face them. Learn about the family court process and what you will need and when you will need it to fight for child custody.

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We provide constitutional arguments to defeat unjust family law practices
in the areas of child-custody, alimony, and child-support

wining Child Custody

You have a fundamental right to the full custody of your child that is individual, independent from your marriage, and equal to the right of the other parent. Your right to choose to divorce or never marry is constitutionally protected and that choice may not be punished by the state with loss of custody. Your state government knows it is violating your rights but doesn’t care because parents don’t stand up and fight them. You can stop them legally, if you are willing to fight. We teach parents and their attorneys how to win this fight.

defeating Child Support

You have a fundamental right to care for your child directly. You have a right to be held to the exact same standard of care that married parents are held to. The children of married parents cannot suffer a lesser standard of child-care than children of divorced parents. The state has NO legitimate authority to impose a “best” standard of care on you or to compel you to work under threat of jail if you fail to meet this “best” standard. Your state knows this but continues because parents don’t learn how to stop them.

Alimony / Spousal Mantenance

Alimony is the biggest most outdated and unconstitutional scheme going. You have a fundamental right to freely associate, to marry, or to not marry which the state is prohibited from punishing. You have a right to be free from servitude or working for the benefit of another. The exceptions made for alimony were put in place during a time when women were legally prevented from working and did not have equal rights. Those exceptions cannot stand today, yet many would rather pay them untold thousands of dollars than learn how to fight this injustice. We have cracked the code regarding alimony and can teach you to destroy your supposed duty to work for the benefit of another.

save thousands of dollars and precious time

In order to simplify and help you achieve the outcome of equal time, equal rights, and freedom from having to live your life based on the decisions and patterns you set in your marriage or relationship, we created this comprehensive package to help you jump right to the core issues that protect you from your ex using the judge to interfere with your fundamental right to decide how you choose to raise your child that is not dependent on whether you work with or get along with your ex, and that insists that the judge apply the due process protections that you are entitled to. This is your shortcut. You don't have time to waste. This package will provide you with the framing, guidance, and support that you cannot afford to be without!
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What will happen to me

What you experience will depend upon the path you take.

This video describes the traditional path most attorneys will take you down that you will want to avoid like you would avoid a flu epidemic unless you want to be broke, depressed, and alone.