Representative James White has introduced an Equal Parenting Bill HB 453 that if passed will begin September 1, 2017.


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    • Joe Hinojosa

      Mr. White, there are countless of us who’ve been negatively affected by the corruption of family court’s. Some of us are no longer here, while others have been waiting for relief, and waiting to be granted parental equality where non currently exists. I won’t go into the details of my own experience with the Family Law Industry, but instead I would like to express to you my gratitude for acknowledging the issues at hand. Thank you, and my support is yours.


    • John

      Thank you for the article. I live in Texas and when my son turns 14 I am going to petition the court for joint custody. Good to see James White looking out for the children.

    • Rich

      This is wonderful! Just pisses me off that there has to be a freaking bill jist to have anything equal for the father!

    • Daniel Kimmel

      It will never pass, government makes too much money destroying Dads

    • Jesus

      Both parents should pay childsupport it ain’t fair that one parent must work to support the child or children or else be incarcerated while the other parent sits at home waiting on the governments help and welfare and the monthly check from child support from the other parent

    • Matthew hoover

      Please please make this go through I haven’t been able to see my child in a year and a half and this would change things. Please families and children’s lives are depending on this.

    • Osvaldo Rodriguez


    • cynthia

      It’s about time my son has joint custody and his X refuses to follow the law.he adores his babies and he has had to spend thousands of dollars fighting for his legal rights to be enforced!!! This is beyond ridiculous.

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