This is a proposed procedural bill for the Texas Family Code. (download the bill below)

Ron and Sherry noticed while reviewing the family code in Texas that part of the problem in the family courts is that there is no guidance for the judges on how to handle fundamental rights between fit parents in SAPCR (Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship).

The judges have been left to come up with their own ways of dealing with conflicts between parents without having to apply any procedure before infringing or interfering with the basic parental rights that all parents enjoy before they enter a family court.

This proposed bill would make the process less adversarial and protect parents from unnecessary expenses.


If you cannot get equal parenting passed in your state, propose a bill similar to this one. This is how you protect your right to be treated like an equal parent. No more excessive costs of litigation between fit parents. No more lengthy delays waiting on studies. No more burden on the fit parent.

Turn the courts into a fortress that protects rights and not attacks them with this bill.

If you have questions, you can contact the authors of this bill at


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    • Ken Hallquist

      I’m very interested in proposing this to the crooked family court system out in Boise Idaho
      Please send me information on how to do this …
      Ken Hallquist

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