…your fear. If you cannot walk into that court room and say you will not give in then you are not ready to win your child custody hearing and you will be subject to the worst kind of bullying, abuse, bigotry, intimidation and loss you have ever known. (CLICK HERE for help with child custody hearing NOW.)

How did Alice Paul, the Freedom Riders, Martin Luther King, Jr.,, Cesar Chavez his wife, and others prepare for a battle that they knew they weren’t going to win at the local level easily? They knew they would be arrested, they knew they would be threatened, and they knew that they might even be killed. This is what parents face today. So if you are faint at heart or cannot seem to quite get past that “what if…” stage then this is not the fight for you.

If you are saying “but, what if…I just do that psych eval. What if I just go through the counseling and then…. What if my attorney is right and I should just take what they are offering. What if I just go ahead and agree now, can’t I change it later?” If any of these are you, then you will get what they give you. If you are not okay with being told you don’t have rights and have to do what the judge decides, and you want to learn how to get past that “what if I just tried it their way first” or “what if I just give in now and then I can try to change it at the final stage” then keep reading.

I know you didn’t choose this fight and some of you that thought you couldn’t do this are doing it, and those are the ones that I’m addressing here. If you just feel not equipped with the right tools and information, then you are in the right place. None of us woke up and said I want to fight the government and neither did Alice Paul, Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, Jr. But once they started they decided they weren’t going to stop until they won. So they started helping others learn how to fight so that they could put enough pressure on those abusing their power so that they could force them to change.

And since you are here now that means that you are not willing to put up with the lies, threats, and injustice anymore. You are flat out tired of being bullied and facing tyranny and bigotry every time you try to see your children. You are tired of being broke because the government decided to dip their hand in your pocketbook. And you just want to be able to see your children and raise them in peace. So let’s continue…

Change happens in steps. Losing at the trial court level is not a loss if you preserved your ability to continue fighting, and if you take your fight to the next levels. But if you don’t like that idea, like so many family court attorneys don’t, then you will have to continue to put up with this tyranny and bigotry until someone else changes it for you…and if you’ve been in this long enough then you know that’s not likely to happen any time soon. So if you want to start changing things for yourself right now and you no longer think you can win by playing the game the way they want you to, and you are no longer willing to settle with what they give you after you beg, then this is the right place for you.

I’m not much for begging either and I’m certainly not one much for having others tell me what to do with my life, how to do it, and that I cannot have equal rights and time with my children on my terms and under my rules and conditions. I have always been proud to be an American and have freedom of choice and liberty. And I thought I had this until I went through divorce. If you feel the same way and you are willing to learn how to stand up to abuse of power and not put up with it then…

Click the video and continuing reading below so that you can learn how to change things in the family courts today, tomorrow, and forever.

Reform Conference, Rally, and Walk for Lost Kids

I’m excited to be joining all of you that have already registered in Washington D.C. in November. I’m Sherry Palmer with Fix Family Courts. I train parents how to fight abuse of power. I teach them what gives them leverage and empowers them.

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We will be discussing parental rights and children’s rights, is one superior to the other, what are they constitutionally, and how do family courts, attorneys, and other professionals view these rights? We will be discussing and debating this with Professor Dwyer and some of the other top experts in the field.

Isn’t it time you took control of your life back?

Your ticket to opening the gates to freedom and liberty is waiting right here for you. Register here now and reserve your seat before the conference is full! We look forward to meeting you and seeing you there!!! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER HERE WHILE TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE

Oh and arrive a day early and come out to the Lost Generation rally at the State Capitol grassy area 1 (click here for the map – we will be on grassy area 1) where we will be welcoming Patrick Glynn as he arrives from his 400+ mile Walk from Boston to D.C. for the Lost Kids who have been stolen from fit parents by family court judges, attorneys, and other professionals who advise these courts. Patrick believes in 5050 custody, he has a suggested custody agreement on his website and he believes in the power within every individual too just like us. He, like myself, believes that you don’t have to wait for legislative reform to start taking control of this problem. He provides his solution in a suggested custody agreement. (click here for more about Patrick, his walk, and the ae 50/50 custody agreement http://www.walkforlostkids.com/ ). Click here for the map where he will be walking http://www.walkforlostkids.com/ ) And if you will be attending please subscribe for updates here http://www.youcaring.com/other/walk-for-lost-kids/219700 so we will be expecting you and can greet you too. Thank you and see you at the rally and the conference!

And if you want to start taking your life back right now before you see us at the conference and the rally, to help you in your current fight, you can watch some of our free webinars that give you information and tools for how to fight back and stand up to abuse of power right now. Click here if you need these before the conference and the rally: CLICK HERE IF YOU NEED TO FIGHT BACK TODAY for free webinars and go to www.fixfamilycourts.com for other information about your rights. We have a book here that puts them all in one place and makes it easy for you to start learning what your family rights are. CLICK HERE FOR THE BOOKS on family rights and on a legislative reform amendment book.