…that they were going to subject me to a costly, time-consuming, gut wrenching, life altering battle that could have been avoided by applying my constitutional parental rights in the first place! (By the way, choosing not to apply the constitution does not mean that the constitution does not apply to the family courts. It means that the attorney chose to ignore the Constitution and not apply it. That’s all. Since the Constitution applies to all courts of law and courts of equity, there is no such thing as the Constitution not applying. As that would mean that the court is established outside the Constitution. Again, not the case.)

The following questions will lead to some suggestions at the end of the poll:

Did you know that most family statutes are unconstitutional?
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Were you given any other option to fight the other parent other than digging up dirt on them and making them look bad?
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Were you told by an attorney that it was unlikely you would get custody of your own children in divorce?
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How much would you pay an attorney for an order that was useless and unenforceable?
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Were you told by your attorney that you had parental rights that were separate and individual to you and not tied to the marriage?
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Would I have paid an attorney if I really knew what they were going to do with my money? I thought that I hired an attorney because I needed to have someone that knew the law. Nobody told me that I was paying someone to play politics for me in a racket that has grown to epic proportions because I’ve been kept in the dark about the reality of their practices.

The representation that I got had nothing to do with protecting my rights but rather playing a game with my life and using my wallet to do it with!

Here’s some thought: What if you started pushing for laws that require attorneys to tell parents their constitutional parental rights before they can ask for a contract of services or collect any money from you?

And what if they were required to have you sign a document that shows what your rights are according to the Supreme Law of the Land?

Why not pass laws that require the bar associations and boards of legal specializations (in Texas for instance, the Board of Law Examiners appointed by the Texas Supreme Court independent from the State Bar Association administers the exam and issues the license) in the states where that apply before they are allowed to certify a lawyer as an “attorney-at-law” and claim that they are “qualified” to practice family law that the attorney demonstrate an understanding that “laws” including the “Supreme Law of the Land”, the United States Constitution and all of the United States Supreme Court opinions that have defined and established parental rights and family privacy  apply to the family courts

Then why not require that the attorneys demonstrate that they will vigorously represent the parent by using these laws and informing the judge if any statutes that he/she is trying to apply violate their understanding of these cases and the supreme law of the land — in other words object to the statute as being unconstitutional! (They require them to demonstrate that they know how to fill out the paperwork and write a legal opinion in what they call the “performance” test.)

* “Texas reported that of 77,056 attorneys, only 697 in the entire state were certified in family law (which is, arguably, the applicable specialty).” 

Require and request that your legislators pass a Bill that require attorneys to reveal if they make campaign contributions and the names of the judges they contribute too.

Require and request that your legislators pass a Bill that turns the professional code of conduct of attorneys into laws with sanctions and punishment.

Require and request that your legislator pass laws that require attorneys to read to you all of your fundamental parental rights and to tell you which ones they are going to protect BEFORE you make a decision of whether or not you want that representation! Require that they have a law that requires them to have you sign these rights that they are protecting. After all, you should know what you are buying, right?

Require and request that they make these requirements because it has become necessary since the laws do not allow individuals to hire anyone other than a licensed attorney approved by the STATE BAR or Board that is appointed to serve this function. These laws are necessary to protect the people from being tricked and ripped off and taken advantage of. (When people hire an attorney they believed that they were receiving a service that included the protection of all of their rights and that the attorney would know how to challenge any infringement on their rights, including a statute that is unconstitutional! They may not have known specifically what to ask for, but they knew they thought they were paying for protection.)

Make it very public if the legislator is unwilling to pass laws that protect people from the financial devastation and the negative effects of the unregulated business practices of attorneys that are driving people into poverty in the neighborhoods and communities where you live!

Ask for transparency and professional conduct requirements with sanctions under the law. Ask for an agency, similar to the one they created to collect child support, to vigorously prosecute those that violate these fundamental duties that protect you from being ripped off when you hire an attorney that has been certified. If that attorney made you think he/she was capable and willing to represent you in the manner that protects your ability to continue to exercise your rights with the least amount of harm and damage and turmoil to your life as possible, the parent that hired them should have some sort of recourse or assurance that the certification is assurance that their expectations will be fulfilled (at least regarding the type of representation that they will receive).

Tomorrow  we’ll be unraveling some of the mysteries behind engaging others in the reform movement and Designing your Own Destiny.

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