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TOOL OF THE DAY:  Organization and collaboration tool…wikis for the family court process.
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If we are to understand what needs fixing, we have to understand what is broke, right? And we all know that the family court process is definitely broken. But what is broken and what is not is not always so easy to see. Some say it is corruption, some say it is money, some say it is conflict of interests, some say it is lowered standards and failure to integrate the constitution, some say it is because they were not provided legal help when they ran out of money, and the list goes on and on.

We all agree that we need solutions. But we don’t necessarily agree on what solutions. Some say to throw out the entire system and just start all over, some want no court involved at all, and some just want the system we have in place to work properly.

I’d have to say that I’m one who believes that if the courts were forced to do their job properly (follow constitutional protections) that the system would work fairly well. We know that we need protections for children so we cannot throw out the entire family courts. And we all know that we need a place to protect our rights when someone else interferes with our ability to exercise them.

And we all know that we are not getting either one from the family courts currently – children are not receiving the right kind of protection and parents are not getting protection of their rights.

Many of you write your stories and what you have been through in emails or you’ll post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and a few other social media outlets. But that all gets very difficult to keep track of. So we thought you might also be having trouble keeping track of everything that we write and all of the tools and webinars and other things that we do to help you get free of all of this and get your children back in your life.

So we have set up a wiki of our own called Family Rights. Here you will be able to see many topics that we will be writing on, you can contribute to these too just like on any other wiki. And if you are spending day after day helping others you can collaborate with them on here too!

You can collaborate with others on there about things you care about…things that are important to you. You won’t have to worry about not being able to remember who wrote what and where can you find that tool or piece of wisdom or information again, when you use our wiki. And if you do create one of your own too you can store and organize your stories on there and never have to email them out or re-write them into people’s forms. You can just refer them to your wiki link and they can go there to get the information. You can have it all stored on there and access it from anywhere (well anywhere that has internet of course). You can update them and add to them any time as well.

Another use for these can be starting a private wiki where you store your entire case file. Then you can share it just with those helping you on your case and your attorney. What a time saver if you have your attorney communicating with you on your wiki and placing copies of everything in your file on there. You would never have to worry about not being able to get your file from your attorney again.

Having a place to organize this information, update it anytime, and access it from anywhere is especially important when your file starts getting in the thousands of pages.

Oh and guess what you can use a calendar on the wiki and organize your meetings with your team and your attorney too. There are so many possibilities. And this could free you up to work on other things that you need to solve.

The combination of putting your information in one place and being able to invite others to collaborate, really could help you discover a problem you may not have seen before. Sometimes its uncovering a problem you didn’t realize was there then makes finding the solution even easier to track down.

Check out our wiki to see what it looks like, check back often to get more ideas as we populate the pages, write in ours, make your own and link to ours. There are many possibilities. We can connect our world with information that we can all search and find. Facebook is just too difficult to find information. It’s not searchable. And all the hours that you have spent on there and having posts deleted or lost, you could have been putting them on a wiki.

If you have questions about how to set up your own or contribute to ours let me know after you visit the Family Rights wiki. CLICK HERE to go to Family Rights wiki

See you back here tomorrow for another Daily Tool!


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