Object rather than saying thats total bullshit cartoonClass action lawsuits require you to be dependent on attorneys to argue them? We did not choose this route. Why would we? Why would we trust that there would be any attorneys who know how to argue your rights when they have proven not to know how to do this already? Most attorneys don’t even believe that you have rights when you are in disagreement with the other parent, so what would make them miraculously believe that you do now in a class action? Why would you fill the pockets of some more attorneys who do not have the education to argue your rights?

Be careful when you are in such a vulnerable place. We have found that most people going through the family courts are pushed into a panic and into a situation they know nothing about. So they look towards the people they were taught were trained to take care of the problem. Most parents in this situation are desperate to have time with their children back. Desperation can cause you to do some crazy things, especially when you don’t find the help you thought you would find in the people you were told were trained to help you. Everybody involved in this industry is victimizing you, even the ones who think they are doing the right thing. Even family law attorneys who go through this get victimized. That’s how this system is designed. Any time you have to beg a single all powerful person for anything you are in a victimizing situation.

So we wrote this to try to help you not make the victimization worse by falling for people who come in and make big promises. There are people who are willing to take advantage of you. They know that you are vulnerable and willing to do just about anything. When you didn’t find the help that you thought you would find in an attorney you can be steered to do things that might not be in your best interest.
They take advantage of your vulnerability to get you to buy into extreme absurd ideas.

Here are a few things that we have found to look out for:

1. Asking you to join something without showing you what you are joining first.
2. Telling you that you cannot lose and that you are guaranteed to win.
3. Telling you that you are guaranteed to win a money settlement.
4. Using extreme and absurd ideas.