joe sorge divorce corpI wanted to take this moment to thank Joseph Sorge and his Divorce Corp. team for the opportunity he created this past weekend at the family law conference #famlawconf in D.C. and for taking his time and resources to film the rally. Joe has been an asset to this cause that goes beyond words. He puts action behind his words and makes sure that as many people as possible are not only heard but also that action plans are put in place that are available to all the public not just an elite few.

Joe thanks for creating this collective voice project focused on trying to change the divorce laws and for continuing to remain dedicated to the cause even when you are having to spend your own money to make things happen. It is empowering knowing that there are others who believe in this movement even if there is no ROI (return on investment).

For those who couldn’t attend the conference, don’t worry.¬†Joe filmed the entire conference and the rally. He is going to make all of this available for free from his YouTube channel.

Joe has a way of making sure that the world has opportunity to hear everyone. I am impressed that he filmed all of it and is going to make it available to the world. People who have not had opportunity to be heard in the past will be heard now and this will be memorialized and available for others to see how people feel and are being treated. Thanks Joseph Sorge for your continued dedication to helping others by creating a body of knowledge directly from the mouths and experiences of each individual that has been through it. I feel that Joe is bringing voices together and making them collective in order to empower every individual and accelerate change. I would love to see in the future a session where people can go into a room and film their story in ten minute segments so that this can be made available to the world as well. As I noticed that there were many people in the workshop that I sat in on who wanted to tell their story but had to be cut short because time was limited and the workshop was to find the top issues and propose solutions.

Ron B Palmer and I feel privileged and honored to have been part of the first conference that covered topics on child support, alimony, children’s rights, parental rights, child custody, judicial oversight, judicial oversight, domestic violence, mediation versus litigation, and judicial bias. You did a fantastic job of organizing, coordinating, and pulling together speakers, workshops, and panel discussions without a hitch. The conference was flawless. Thank you again for including us in it even though we don’t have, as Ron puts it, “letters behind our names.”

We look forward to seeing the video of the workshop on YouTube and to next year.

Thank you.


Sherry Palmer

Ron B Palmer

Fix Family Courts