ron-palmer-infantry-marine-picture-1984-aFamilies all over America are grateful for the soldiers who have sacrificed their own comforts and sometimes even their own life to protect the one document that protects your rights and liberties, the Constitution. It’s the Constitution that protects your right to be free from government interference into your private family life, your right to decide what is in the best interest of your child, your right to raise your child directly, even in divorce. The judges that are tasked with applying this foundational document that so many of our men and women have died for are saying that this document doesn’t apply to parents and their children in the divorce court. It’s time to honor those that have given so much of themselves to make sure that we have the ability to challenge those that would offend our country. And it’s time to remove the insulation from those who ignore it.

Soldiers are willing to risk their own lives to protect ours. Most parents have this same motivation and drive to protect their own children. Just as our soldiers die for our country, most parents would die for their children. Parents in the family courts have been taken advantage of because of this willingness to give everything they have to protect their own child.

Parents from all over the United States who are grateful for everyone that has fought to protect their freedoms and liberty as individuals and as families are gathering this Friday in Washington D.C. not only to show their respect to those who protect us but also to declare that they will no longer give in or consent to those who have trampled the efforts of our soldiers, politicians, and justices who have attempted to protect these rights. We will all be letting the world know that those who trample on our parental rights and our children’s rights no longer have the power to control us, and no longer get to rule the lives of our children. We will let all those who choose to continue to ignore the Constitution know that they will not gain our respect and do not have our trust. They are on the wrong side of history. (We will be unveiling this Declaration on Friday.)

Some soldiers even leave their own precious children behind to protect our right to be with our children and to be protected to raise them how we see fit. I don’t know of any soldier who has gone to war so that any branch of our government can ignore their rights, your rights, and our children’s rights.

Family courts rarely acknowledge much less inform parents that they have constitutional parental rights in divorce, separation, and modification proceedings. We believe that family courts should be required to read parents their rights, just like police read Miranda rights, before they are allowed to hold any hearings to deprive parents of any rights with a court order.

Come join us on Friday and meet some dynamic speakers, parents, and advocates.

Some of the speakers are:

Michael Hiller, J.D., a Board certified Texas Family Law Attorney who has declared to protect constitutional rights of parents and children in the family courts. He will be speaking and sharing with you new tools he has developed and uses to protect families.

Michael is one of only a few family law attorneys who have pledged to protect your constitutional family rights.


Patrick Glynn, a fit and loving father who has been nearly cut out of his children’s lives will be there to share with you what drove him to embark upon the over 400 mile Walk for Lost Children from Boston to Washington D.C. and share with you how he plans to protect children’s rights.

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Sherry Palmer, a constitutional scholar, author, parental rights advisor and coach with Fix Family Courts is hosting the rally and will be reading the declaration of family rights for parents and children.

michael sherry ron table 2

The event will be held at grassy area 1 in front of the United States Capitol building to honor those who fight and have fought to protect these rights, those who have fallen, and those who continue to fight. We will honor those who have identified that we have these rights. And we will recognize those that are suffering and in pain from the barbaric and unconstitutional practices. We intend to embrace positive affirmations while leaving negativity behind by focusing on and rewarding those who acknowledge and fight for parental rights while ignoring those who do not.

When the day is over, remember that the fight is still going on. Remember to thank all of the soldiers for protecting your rights in this country. And remember to honor them by learning your rights, learn how to protect the rights they have fought so hard for, and start using them! If you haven’t found your strength yet, then make Friday the first day you find your strength to stand up for yourself and for what you feel is right. Make Friday the beginning of asserting your rights and putting an end to the bullying; and end to the tyrannical practices; and an end to the dictatorship of the domestic relations courts.

See you all there on Friday. Need more information about the event you can find it here: JOIN THE RALLY FOR PROTECTING PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIPS AND RIGHTS

In the meantime, take a peek at some of what we will be talking about at the rally and click on the links below to get the PDFs that we created that contain a ton of caselaw that supports these rights:

Ron B Palmer and Sherry Palmer’s thoughts on Miranda Right for Parents:

Where you have established a parent-child relationship, you and your child have established a private protected family unit and you have a right to maintain that relationship protected by the full weight and power of the First Amendment, even when the other parent or a judge disagrees.

Each parent has this right fully and equally with the other parent. No government action may infringe upon your full and equal right where the government has not proven you either unfit as a parent or to have placed your child in clear and present danger of harm directly, even if the other parent wants them to. These rights are not dependent on your marital status and may not be changed solely as a result of a change in your marital status.

As a parent of a minor child, you have the right equal to the other parent to make decisions concerning the care, custody, control, and companionship of your child without undue interference from the government. Where a decision by one parent infringes the rights of the other parent and a court is asked to intervene, that court is prohibited from issuing any order which sweeps more broadly than necessary to resolve that individual conflict.

As a parent of a minor child, you have a right to care for your child directly and you have a duty to maintain the minimum reasonable level of care applicable to all parents of minor children and which the state applies to itself. No government action may compel you to pay any other individual or state entity for the care of your child, unless the state proves you have failed to provide for your child directly to the minimum standards that are applied to everyone. All child care above the minimum standard is by personal choice of each parent, decisions about which are protected as privacy rights.

As a parent, you have a right to be presumed fit and to be acting in your child’s best interest. The state carries the full burden of proving otherwise before infringing any protected parental right. As a parent, you must be provided full Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections and your rights as a parent may not be infringed as a result of asserting these rights.

As a parent, you have the right to remain silent, to refuse all state imposed questioning into your fitness as a parent whether conducted by a state or private actor. Your exercise of this right may not be used against you to challenge your parental rights in any way. You have a right not to be compelled to pay the state or any third party for any such intrusions on your privacy.

As a parent, you have the right to be served in writing with any charges that may be used as a basis for infringing your rights, you have a right to confront any witnesses against you regardless of their age, you have a right to access and to challenge evidence presented against you, and you have a right to adequate time to respond to charges. Where charges sufficient to infringe parental rights are served, the accused shall be provided all rights of the accused equal to the rights required before terminating parental rights.

Come and see Ron B Palmer at the Reform Family Law Conference hosted by Divorce Corp on Saturday, November 15, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. where he will discuss parental rights versus family rights with other experts.

[NOTE: The rights above are used for educational purposes only and are not intended as legal advice.]

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