Very important work. Anyone that has ever had trauma issues from their childhood or relationship can make a difference by contributing to this film today. If you have ever tried to explain to someone what it felt like but couldn’t get the other person to understand, now you can let Melody and Mike show the effects that abuse has through their film, Promises. It can be life changing to know that others out there get it. Thanks Melody and Mike for your dedication and passion about others.

There are three days left to contribute and be a part of this project. See more video on this project here: PROMISES

“Sometimes your history makes living hard, Sometimes it comes back to save you.” ~ Melody Brooke and Mike Henricks

Promises is a full length feature film.

…if you go to independent films, if you go to good films, you will become a better person because you will understand human nature better. Movies record human nature in a better way than any other art form, that’s for sure.— Roger Ebert

“Movies and television nurture so much of our world view. Sometimes in good ways,Rosanne and Kung Fu, for example provide satire and new ways of looking at our world.” I know you’ve probably been to movies where you thought why couldn’t they just take it that extra mile. You won’t wonder that about Mike and Melody Films.

“They represent the most powerful and far-reaching medium to share a more compassionate and satisfying way of life.”

“Promises models a different way to thrive on the upset and danger lurking in intimate relationships. Whether you have full blown diagnosed PTSD or “merely” survived growing up,” or know someone that does, you’ll enjoy this film. And even if you don’t know anyone with it or think you don’t, who knows, this film could open your eyes to something that you didn’t know was there. Perhaps you’ll discover something about your partner that can help you make your relationship stronger and don’t forget more fun. This film isn’t afraid to show you the raw nature of human beings while also reminding you that life is for living and making the most out of life can be fun and rewarding.

Take a chance today and take a peek behind the curtain with Mike and Melody Films with PROMISES (Click Here for a better way to experience movies).