Did you know that the US Supreme Court has ruled on several occasions that the right to be a parent is one of the most fundamental rights of our society?

Did you know that this right only applies to you if you are married or if the other parent is deceased?

Family Courts see it as their duty to strip one parent of their rights and give those rights to the other parent. Think of this. If the right to be a parent is a fundamental right that cannot be denied by the state without meeting a high bar of proof then how can family courts routinely deny one parent rights when that parent has broken no laws? If parents rights are truly rights then no parent could lose more than 50% of their rights in a divorce without meeting the same legal bar required of the state to deprive married parents of their children.

The Family Courts have many lies that allow them to get away with this. One is that they will assign both parents as joint managing conservators with equal enumerated rights but then severely limit the time one parent gets with the children, making it impossible for them to exercise those rights. It is the same as saying that everyone has the right to life and liberty but we choose to take the oxygen away from one group of people. A right to life is meaningless if you don’t have access to oxygen. Likewise, equal parenting rights are meaningless if you don’t have equal access to time with the children.

To add further salt to the wound, the Courts and the police routinely deny enforcement of those rights to the noncustodial parent who is treated by the Courts and the police as second-class citizens who somehow deserved to lose their status as parents.